Well-Being for Life platform launches in less than a week; notice concerning employee wellness program


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Benefits-eligible faculty and staff will be invited to join the University’s new well-being platform starting Monday, Jan. 30. The Well-Being for Life platform helps you achieve your health goals — while earning rewards — with a fun and engaging experience that delivers powerful resources right to your fingertips. 
Once you have joined on or after Jan. 30, you will begin by completing your profile and telling us a little bit about yourself. Watch for an email from Virgin Pulse with details on how to join.

Well-Being for Life is one of a few
new initiatives announced recently by Vice President for Human Resources Heather Christophersen.
The new initiatives also include:

  • Personalized total rewards statements, distributed last week, which provide a clearer understanding of your total compensation and benefits.
  • A benefit preference survey you can expect this spring, which will help Human Resources understand which benefits and perks are most important to colleagues.

The Well-Being for Life platform, available on your desktop or as a smartphone app, will help you prioritize and personalize your experience by engaging in resources to help improve your well-being. Some of the tools include:  Daily Cards: Get helpful tips that are relevant to your current interests and goals. 

  • Journeys: Try this digital coaching program to make simple changes to improve your health, one step at a time. 
  • Social groups: Getting healthier and learning something new is easier with friends. Join a group (or start your own) to stay motivated, chat with others and achieve goals together. 
  • Challenges: Team up with others to create new habits with some healthy competition. 
  • Nutrition Guide: Choose your eating type and tell us what you’d like to work on, like cutting out sweets or portion control. Then get tips to help you achieve your goals. 
  • Sleep Guide: What’s your sleep like? Decide what you need to work on, like getting to bed earlier or quieting down. Then get information to help you rest. 
  • Shoutouts: Support a colleague or friend with a message of thanks or appreciation.  

Virgin Pulse shares anonymized and aggregated data with the University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame will not be able to use such anonymized or aggregated data to directly identify you. The University of Notre Dame may use the anonymized information at its discretion, including to evaluate the overall program, as well as to provide additional benefits, programs and services. Virgin Pulse complies with all protocols to protect PHI and/or PII in compliance with HIPAA. Notice Regarding Wellness Program 2023