Douglas Road closed this Thurs.-Sun. for U.S. Senior Open


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The 40th annual U.S. Senior Open (USSO) will take place Monday, June 24, through Sunday, June 30, at the Warren Golf Course, north of campus off Douglas Road. It’s a historic moment for the University as Warren is the first collegiate golf course to host this major championship.

It’s also the third large-scale Notre Dame event held this fiscal year that gives national exposure to and has a significant economic impact on the broader community. The first two — the Garth Brooks concert on Oct. 20 and the 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day — were held in the stadium.

The USSO is different in that it’s one week long and takes place while summer classes and University business are humming along.

“The Division of Campus Safety and University Operations is working hard to make this event a positive experience for visitors as well as our campus community,” says Mike Seamon, vice president of the division.

That includes letting faculty, staff and summer students know well ahead of time how campus parking and Douglas Road, a major artery to and from campus, will be impacted. 

Hosting large events is the new normal at Notre Dame and not a reach for the University, says Seamon. He credits Notre Dame staff, including temporary workers, who pull off each event like it’s just another day in the office.

“It literally takes everybody,” he says. “People in Auxiliary Operations, Administrative Services, Campus Services. It takes Facilities, Maintenance and Utilities. It takes our Campus Safety partners. It takes our Game Day and VenueND partners. These events draw on all of our assets, but in a good way, in a healthy way, in an exciting way.”

After the USSO, the next big thing at Notre Dame takes place in the football stadium on Friday, July 19, when the Liverpool F.C. plays a preseason match (called a “friendly”) against Germany's Borussia Dortmund. It’s the first time international soccer will play at the House that Rockne Built.

Tickets for the Liverpool F.C. friendly and the USSO are still available.

Campus Parking

  • Fans will park in White Field, north of campus.

  • More than 1,900 volunteers will assist at the U.S. Senior Open during four-hour shifts over the course of the week. Most of them will park in the Joyce Lot and be shuttled north to Warren Golf Course.

  • Stepan Center will be the volunteer coordination hub.

  • From Monday, June 24, to Sunday, June 30, the Bulla and Rugby lots, which are normally student parking lots, will be closed for use by USSO personnel. Summer students are encouraged to park in the Lake Lot or other student lots where there is space.

  • During this same time period, about 30 spaces in the center of the Grace Lot will be reserved for USSO purposes.

Douglas Road

  • From Monday, June 24, to Wednesday, June 26, Douglas Road will be open.

  • The championship portion of the week begins on Thursday, June 27, and runs through Sunday, June 30, with Saturday and Sunday expected to bring the largest crowds.

    • During this four-day window, Douglas Road will be closed from White Field to the west and Ironwood to the east.

    • Holy Cross House and Moreau Seminary can still be accessed via Douglas Road during this time. 

  • To avoid traffic delays on Douglas or during the eventual closure of the road, here are alternate routes to the north end of campus.

Traveling from the northeast

  • Take Indiana 23 south, past Douglas and past Ironwood.

  • Take a right on Vaness Street, just past the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

  • Vaness Street dead-ends at Twyckenham Drive, which runs along the east end of campus.

  • If headed to the north end of campus, turn right.

  • You can get as far north as Bulla and can turn left onto campus.

Traveling from the south to the north end of campus

  • Take Twyckenham Drive north.

  • You can get as far north as Bulla and will be able to turn left onto campus.

Traveling from the north and northwest (avoiding Douglas)

  • Take Indiana 933 south, past Douglas Road.

  • Turn left at the WNDU Studios, which is Dorr Road.

  • Proceed east on Dorr Road to the gate. You will need a white keycard to enter campus.

  • If you do not have a white keycard, take 933 south to Angela Boulevard and enter campus at Notre Dame Avenue.

Traveling to Moreau Seminary, Holy Cross House or campus from Douglas Road

  • Douglas will be open from 933 to White Field.

  • Take a right at Campus Service Drive.

  • Take the next right, which is Gold Drive, and follow it left or south.

  • You will pass the Campus Community Garden on the left and Ave Maria Press, also on the left.

  • At Moreau Drive (Old Douglas Road), turn left to get to Holy Cross House or Moreau Seminary on the right.

  • To get to campus, turn right at the light, which is St. Joseph Road.

  • Proceed south on St. Joseph to the gate. You will need a white keycard to enter campus.