Wellbeats provides options for winter workouts


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If you are looking for a free fitness option that keeps you out of the cold, RecSports has an answer. You can gain access to Wellbeats, a virtual fitness app, for free and work out at home. If you’ve been using Wellbeats, you’ll be happy to know that new fitness classes have been added. And with holidays coming up, Wellbeats has a little encouragement to help you stay on track with the Wellbeats Maintain Not Gain 2.0 Challenge

Below, two Wellbeats users share their experiences.

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Margaret Fosmoe, assistant editor, Notre Dame Magazine

Margaret Fosmoe, associate editor, Notre Dame Magazine

“As the coronavirus spread in March and campus shut down, my usual fitness routine came to an abrupt halt. In order to limit my potential exposure to the virus, I placed my community gym membership on hold and I could no longer drop in at the Smith Center for Recreational Sports on campus, which was closed.

My main form of exercise during the pandemic has been outdoor walking, in neighborhoods and at county parks. But I needed variety in my workouts, and I soon turned to Wellbeats video classes that I could stream from my laptop to my TV. My living room suddenly became my home gym.

I enjoy the Wellbeats classes because you can quickly find an appropriate class for your fitness level by searching class type and duration. The fitness leaders provide clear instructions and demonstrations. The short preview videos show you right away whether a class you’re considering is the right level for you.

I’m supplementing my walking with Wellbeats sessions, primarily step and kickboxing classes. I’ve also tried a few Wellbeats pilates and yoga classes, which are good reminders of techniques I’ve learned in the past during in-person classes at the gym.

I like that many of the Wellbeats video sessions are 20 to 25 minutes. I prefer doing two shorter classes in a row, rather than one longer class.

On days I do the video fitness classes, I feel energized. With winter approaching and darkness now falling by 6 p.m., I’ll be turning to Wellbeats even more to help keep me active and fit during the pandemic.”

Dian Murray
Dian Murray, Notre Dame retiree

Dian Murray, Notre Dame retiree

Making Wellbeats open to the entire ND community including retirees has made all the difference to me during the pandemic - especially during those early months when exercising outdoors was too cold and when fitness facilities were closed. 

I really like the fact that there are so many different exercise options which range from 15 or 20 minutes to an hour, from easy to challenging. Indeed there is something for everyone with enough variety that a different workout nearly everyday is possible. 

My goal since the outset of the pandemic has been to replace fitness classes at a gym with fitness classes in my home, and Wellbeats has more than enabled me to meet that goal. I also like the fact that there are items on other topics such as nutrition that make this a valuable website as well for non-exercisers as well as exercisers.”

For more information on accessing Wellbeats, click here. Looking for another option beyond Wellbeats to stay active? The Smith Center for Recreational Sports will be available for use by faculty and staff this winter. Click here for more info and hours.