University recognizes custodial team during National Cleaning Week


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In recognition of National Cleaning Week, March 26-April 1, NDWorks joins Building Services in recognizing the value and importance of our professional cleaning staff and their work. 

“This team is crucial in providing a clean, healthy and safe environment for the campus community,” Chris Hatfield, senior director for Building Services, says. “They rise to cleaning challenges associated with athletic tournaments, commencement, football season, student move-outs and much more.”

University custodial teams are responsible for cleaning 150 buildings spanning more than 10 million square feet of campus daily and throughout the year.  

In celebration of the more than 350 employees dedicated to cleaning campus, we’re highlighting three colleagues from the custodial team. 

James Funk

James Funk

16+ years at Notre Dame

“I like the daily variety since my job covers several buildings off campus.”

What makes you feel appreciated? 

“A simple thank-you in the form of a note or in person means a lot to me.”

Fun fact: James’ wife’s grandmother was one of the original housekeepers for one of the men’s residence halls in the 1960s. “I remember her calling the students there as ‘her boys’!” he recalls.

Senija Begic

19 years at Notre Dame

“Working with my teammates and building good relationships with everyone here at the University is what I enjoy most about my job.”

What makes you feel appreciated? 

“When we finish with something and someone notices the hard work that we do and takes a little moment out of their day to say thank you.”

A little more about Senija

“I love being with my family (husband, kids, grandkids), and I love being able to help people here at the University in the work that I do.

Angela Hubbard

Angela Hubbard

32 years at Notre Dame

“I love cleaning and meeting new people.”

What makes you feel appreciated? 

“When everyone in the building I work in thanks me and [tells me] how much of a good job I do, I really appreciate it.”