Test of ND Alert system Wednesday at 12:25 p.m.


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The Office of Campus Safety will conduct a test of the ND Alert emergency notification system this Wednesday, January 23 at 12:25 pm. During the test, notification messages will be sent to you using:

·  Text and voice notifications to registered faculty and staff telephones

·  Electronic mail to nd.edu addresses

·  Activation of the campus public address system

·  Activation of speakers on Cisco IP telephones


Prior to the test, please verify your emergency contact information and make any necessary updates using the "View and Update Emergency Contact(s)" task at inside.nd.edu.


In order to assess the public address system’s coverage, both in buildings and outdoor areas, we ask your assistance in monitoring the public address alert wherever you happen to be at the time of the test.  If you cannot hear the public address or Cisco IP telephone alert and do not receive a text or voicemail to your registered phone, please let us know by using the following link: ntrda.me/ndalert-issues or by contacting the Office of Campus Safety at (574) 631-9007 or safety@nd.edu by Friday, January 25, 2019.


 The University has implemented ND Alert, a comprehensive mass notification system, to communicate with campus constituents during an incident. It is through this system that we will be able to notify all constituents in the event of an emergency. A complete description of the University’s emergency response procedures is available by accessing the University’s emergency website at emergency.nd.edu.


We anticipate testing the NDAlert system again in the second half of the semester.  We appreciate your cooperation as these tests are an important part of Notre Dame’s preparedness for campus emergencies. If you have any questions about this test, please contact us via e-mail at safety@nd.edu