Team Irish 2018: Peace Accords Matrix


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Peace Accords Matrix 

Working at the nexus between research and practice, the Peace Accords Matrix Project is composed of researchers and practitioners seeking to promote and facilitate a higher order of integration between these domains. The Peace Accords Matrix team, part of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, provided key research support to the Colombia peace process negotiations in Havana, Cuba. In the final stages of the negotiation process, the project was included in the text of the Colombian peace agreement as the official monitors and verifiers of implementation of the accord. 

This is the first time an academic institution was tasked as a responsible party for a peace agreement implementation process. Additionally, the project has accomplished contemporaneous monitoring of an accord, something that has never been attempted before. Many organizations in Colombia working for peace look to the project for understanding what is happening with the implementation of the peace accord, and the project is well-respected
in Colombia. 

In providing research, monitoring and implementation support to the Colombian peace process, the Peace Accords Matrix team has embodied the University’s core values of teamwork, leadership in excellence, leadership in mission, integrity and accountability.