Team Irish 2018: Irish1Card


Mc 8

The Presidential Team Irish Award program ( publicly recognizes staff teams whose work exemplifies the University’s core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, leadership in mission and leadership in excellence. At each home football game, those responsible for significant accomplishments, collaborations or initiatives are introduced on the field.


The Irish1Card, introduced during 2017-18, uses card technology to give the campus community access to buildings, athletic events, meals, and goods and services. The Irish1Card team performed exemplary work during the implementation of the project’s first phase, choosing new artwork for the card, enhancing security and operational efficiencies, improving transaction speeds, integrating departmental charges, replacing hardware, adding turnstiles in the dining halls and issuing an Irish1Card to each member of the campus community. Thanks to the office’s outstanding teamwork, the Irish1Card was rated the No. 1 campus tool in the 2018 ImproveND survey, which measures faculty/staff satisfaction with University services.