Snow Patrol’s arctic adventure: A tale of teamwork and service


Snow Patrol

Pictured are the following members of the Building Services’ Snow Patrol: Karen Fulford, Marchel Ridgeway, Doug Bacon, Melissa Clingaman, Anita Fuentes, Dennis Albertson, Jessica Rutledge, David Young, Deidre Lindamood.

In a daring expedition last Saturday (Jan. 20), 21 Building Services staff members who signed up for the newly created Snow Patrol faced the challenges of shoveling heavy, deep snow for an impressive seven-hour stretch. Battling 3-foot drifts, team members shoveled their way through an icy ND landscape, ensuring that students and staff returned to clear entryways. The creation of Snow Patrol stems from Building Services’ mission statement to be dynamic and service oriented. When the mission was complete, more than 600 entrances and exits across almost all buildings on campus had been cleared.