September service anniversaries


The University congratulates those who celebrate significant service anniversaries in September:

45 Years
Roberta A. McMahon, Campus Ministry

40 Years
Arleen A. Davis, McDonald Center for Well-Being
Thomas G. Marullo, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Roman J. Smith, Investment Office

35 Years
Panos J. Antsaklis, Electrical Engineering
John F. Brown, Utilities—Operations
Joseph A. Buttigieg and Stephen A. Fredman, English
Debby K. Clark and Nga T. Nguyen, Custodial Services
Jeanne D. Day, Psychology
Patrick D. Gaffney, Anthropology
John F. Gaski, Marketing
Dennis M. Hollinshead, Central Receiving
Rodney L. McClain, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Robert P. Schmuhl, American Studies
Eric J. Schubert, Campus Technology Services

30 Years
Maureen B. Boulton, Romance Languages and Literatures
James M. Collins, Film, Television, and Theatre
Stephen M. Fallon and Debra K. Kabzinski, Program of Liberal Studies
Craig S. Lent, Electrical Engineering
John M. LoSecco, Physics
Richard R. Mendenhall, Finance
Jeffrey S. Meuninck, Food Services, North Dining Hall
David K. O’Connor, Philosophy
Joseph E. O’Tousa, Biological Sciences

25 Years
J. Michael Crant, Management
Guadalupe Cruz and Doris A. Housand, Food Services Support Facility
John W. Dillard,* Luz Galicia*, Angela V. Hubbard, John W. Dillard,Luz Galicia, Angela V. Hubbard and LaMinda I. Wilson, Custodial Services
Dennis Doordan, School of Architecture
Deborah J. Gabaree, Office of General Counsel
Davide A. Hill, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bei Hu, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics
John R. Kuczmanski, Maintenance
Michael D. Lemmon, Electrical Engineering
Susan M. Molnar, Eck Tennis Pavilion
Katie A. Schlotfeldt, American Studies
Ronald A. Ullery, Food Services, North Dining Hall

20 Years
Jocelyn T. Antonelli and Jill A. Kaczmarek, Food Services Administration
Dennis M. Birdsell, Center for Environmental Science and Technology
Carol A. Copley, Athletics Media Relations
Julia A. Hennion, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Patrick F. Miller, Customer IT Solutions
Hyun R. Painter, Bookstore
Joel A. Peffley, Joyce Center
Steven G. Smith, Utilities—Operations

15 Years
Dawn Denton, American Midland Naturalist
Lisa A. Harkins, Utilities—Operations
Joseph S. Keultjes, Athletic Grounds
Vincent F. Melody, Campus Technology Services
Kimberly L. Miggins, Morris Inn
Trudie M. Mullins, Hesburgh Libraries
Derek D. Owens, Campus Technology Services
Paul A. Van Dieren, Office of the Controller
Erin N. Young, Huddle

10 Years
William M. Alexander, Office of Chief Information Officer
Carol C. Bradley, Internal Communications
Tamara Freeman, Human Resources
Emily L. Garvey and Alisa Z. Gura, Center for Social Concerns
Eula Hernandez, Food Services Administration
Joan K. Lacay, Planning, Design, and Construction
Michele M. LaCosse, ND Vocation Initiative
Mark A. Lesiuk, Maintenance
Tara A. MacLeod, Irish Language and Literature
Sadika Mecavica and Felix Navarrete, Custodial Services
Heidi Miller, Psychology
Sharron Newhouse, St. Michael’s Laundry
Andrea E. Post, Office of Budget and Financial Planning
Daniel Schlosberg, Music
Brian R. Shappell, Institute for Church Life
Lyndsey Sheets, Food Services, North Dining Hall
Christopher R. Sweet, Center for Research Computing