September 2023 Service Anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in September, including:

50 years

James P. Sterba, Philosophy

Laurence R. Taylor, Mathematics

Oliver F. Williams, Management and Organization

40 years

Kevin J. Christiano, Sociology

Alan D. Krieger, Hesburgh Libraries

Gregory P. Kucich, English

Anand Pillay, Mathematics

Stephen H. Watson, Philosophy

35 years

David C. Honer, Central Receiving

30 years

Amy J. Cabanaw, Custodial Services

Derrick R. Chambliss, Police

Johnna L. Grenert-Taff, Accounts Payable

MaryFrances E. Prorok, Chemistry and Biochemistry

25 years

Erik Dix and Elizabeth A. Dube, Hesburgh Libraries

Sina Oeum, North Dining Hall

Mathew C. Thuruthiyil, Custodial Services

20 years

Diana J. Dickson, Graduate School

Ericka Lee, Huddle

Amika Micou, Registrar

John P. O’Callaghan, Philosophy

15 years

Kathryn E. Coneys and Nicholas E. Siergiej, Athletics

Luke R. Conway and Dawn A. McGrath, Development

Karla A. Cruise, College of Engineering

Joel M. Dosmann, Enterprise Application Services

Eric C. Evans and Alicia M. Smith, Custodial Services

Kim M. Furlong, Crossings

Julie A. Gray, Computer Science and Engineering

Stacy A. Montague-Soltas, Stadium

Liz S. Rulli, Notre Dame Research

10 years

Michael Alalade, University Enterprises and Events

Hasena Begic and Maida Hadzimesic, Custodial Services

Nadia Casas and Jessica M. Witous, Development

Toni M. Duis, Harper Cancer Research Institute

Whitney Guess, Huddle

David Heemstra, Electrical Engineering

Jessica Jordan, St. Michael’s Laundry

Bradley T. Kneibel, Sports Medicine

Rui Liu, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Amy C. Markowski, North Dining Hall

Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Office of Residential Life

Laura R. Mortlock-McMinn, Radiation Laboratory

Kevin P. Nugent, Athletics

Rachel Otwinowski, Human Resources

Brandy M. Rogers, Office of General Counsel

Curtis J. Rood, Aviation Department

Maksym Zhukovskyi, ND Integrated Imaging Facility