October 2021 New Employees


The University welcomes the following faculty members who began work in October:

Jared Katz, Snite Museum of Art
Suzanne Shanahan, Center for Social Concerns

The University welcomes the following staff who began work in October:

Joseph S. Andert and Trevis W. Bluege, Huddle
Enes Aydin, Engineering Innovation Hub
Brayden T. Bare, Jeannette M. Bare, Mirsada Beganovic, Shannon R. Dunivent, Shavola Jones, Kimberly A. Morgan, Shayne D. Rassi, Heath A. Torres and Darlene L. Turnbo, Custodial Services
Karen J. Bautista Dominguez and Zachary C. Snider, Financial Aid
Brandon J. Benson, Engineering and Science Computing
Crystal L. Boser, Mendoza College of Business
Jeffrey M. Bourdon, Anna Cardovillis, Stefanie L. Hundt and Marie C. VanderGriend, Campus Dining
Eric D. Camacho, South Dining Hall
Jeremy S. Cantwell and DeRhon T. Pines, North Dining Hall
Garrett Chapman, Noah Cole, Douglas M. Thompson and Lauren M. Willis, Athletics
Matthew J. Curran and Bing Qi, Center for Research Computing
Rebecca M. Czarnecki, Campus Ministry
Max H. Gaston, Law School
Oksana G. Gehr, Land O’Lakes
Jordan M. Glasgow, Food Services, Holy Cross House
Angeles Gonzalez Guzman, Human Resources
Megan L. Hale and Courtney Mattison, Development
Crystal K. Halfman and Ashley Loutzenhiser, University Health Services
Velena A. Hernandez and Hayley A. Mendes, Admissions
Suzanne E. Hiatt and Stephanie A. Taylor, St. Michael’s Laundry
Angelic Rose O. Hubert, Notre Dame Research
Zana Karabatak and Kayla A. Laureano, Notre Dame International
Stephenie L. Kuhl, Terry D. Nivens and Marcus M. Smith, Center for Culinary Excellence
Ramandeep Makhija, Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society
Denise Ortiz, Morris Inn
Alex M. Paluszewski, Golf Course Operations
Gavin Pearson, Air Force ROTC
Olivia A. Poole, ESTEEM
Patrick R. Rogers, Men’s Basketball
R’nid R. Rumbach, Mathematics
Margaret M. Scroope, McGrath Institute for Church Life
Salonee Seecharan, Office of Digital Learning
Katherine A. Smith, Lab for Economic Opportunities
Jennifer M. Spencer and Ekaterina Vostrikova, Office of VP—Finance
Beth D. Staples, College of Arts and Letters
Ann Marie Thornbur