September 2019 service anniversaries


The University congratulates the following employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in September, including:


45 years

Stephen M. Hayes, Hesburgh Libraries

Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., Office of the President Emeritus II

Thomas V. Merluzzi, Psychology


40 years

Bill D. McDonald, Finance

Andrew J. Sommese, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics


35 years

Jonathan R. Sapirstein, Physics

John W. Stamper, School of Architecture

Jerome Whitaker, Landscape Services


30 years

Michael X. Ball, Infrastructure Services

Lori M. Chaney, VenueND

Mary B. Hernandez, Custodial Services

Daniel L. Williams, Landscape Services


25 years

Kevin Barry, Kaneb Center

Julie A. Caligiuri, Center for Culinary Excellence

Jackie Coleman, Food Services, Moreau Seminary

Thomas J. Gotsch, Registrar

Magdolna E. Hunyadi and Nancy Vazquez, Custodial Services

Alexei Orlov, Electrical Engineering

Deanna L. Ponsler, Campus Services


20 years

Sharon L. Andrzejewski, Hesburgh Libraries

Michael J. Bejma and Amy S. Ng, North Dining Hall

LaRay Fleming, Huddle

Jonathan C. Hall, Procurement Services

Lester R. Hayes, Guglielmino Dining Facility

Debra A. Herczeg, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Phyllis C. McKinney, Café de Grasta

David W. Mehlberg, Infrastructure Services

Susan M. Soisson, Center for Culinary Excellence

Penny S. Stankiewicz, Morris Inn

Mary E. Swift, Office of the President

Janice E. Tabb, Recreational Sports


15 years

Matthew F. Dowd, University Press

Paivi K. Ekroth, Music

Terri L. Howells, Institute for Educational Initiatives

Robert Lewandowski, IT, Analytics and Operations

Timothy W. O’Connor, Athletic Events

Kristin M. Schoenfeld, Development

Charles Shock, Eck Tennis Pavilion

Frederick Slaski, Police


10 years

Robyn O. Centilli, Office of Student Enrichment

Allison F. Collins, College of Arts and Letters

Michael J. Crehan, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Mike D. Harvey and Paul A. Shepard, Utilities—Operations

Rick McAllister, Fire Protection

Melissa A. Neill, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Robert A. Palus, Center for Culinary Excellence

Ginger E. Sigmon, Sustainable Energy Initiative

Stefanie Simonetti, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Bong-Hee Sohn, Biological Sciences