Return to Campus FAQs


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Return to Campus FAQs

  1. During the summer, will I be expected to work on campus every day for all the hours typically scheduled?
    We encourage all managers to be flexible with this transition back to campus, staging the return of employees where possible. Based on your work responsibilities, it is possible that your manager will decide that you must conduct all of your work on campus, or the decision could be that you may perform some of your work on campus and some remotely during this period. Staff will be expected to work from campus no later than August 2. We have assigned a cross-functional team to look more closely at the future of hybrid work (in person and remote) at Notre Dame. That team is consulting with units across campus. We hope to have more information to share about the recommendations of that team in the coming weeks.
  2. When should I expect to hear about a return to campus timeline from my supervisor? You will hear from your college, school, or division head in the coming weeks.
  3. What if I have concerns with when or how often my manager expects me to return to a physical location on campus? We expect managers to work collaboratively with employees during this transitional time. The determination of your work schedule ultimately resides with your manager in collaboration with the applicable division/college leader.
  4. How do I address concerns about my workspace configuration? Supervisors should be thoughtful about on-campus work schedules through the summer to help alleviate/minimize workspace density concerns when possible. Employees should work with their managers to address workspace concerns.
  5. What should I do if I have concerns about coming back to campus? We encourage employees to speak with their manager if they have concerns about returning to campus. There are University resources such as the Employee Assistance Program and Notre Dame Wellness Center Wellness Coaches available to employees who need additional support
  6. What child/elder care resources are available in the summer months? The University is notifying employees now about the return to campus this summer to ensure they have adequate time to make arrangements for child/elder care. Please refer to the employee resources available on the Work and Life Benefits page on the Office of Human Resources website.
  7. If I will be working remotely and in person during this transition and I need more equipment to work in both places, will the University provide me with additional equipment to do so? If a staff member will work both in the office and at home, the University will not issue additional equipment unless it is part of a reasonable accommodation under the ADA. Employees should let their manager know if this issue is a concern.
  8. How is the University ensuring a healthy and safe work environment on campus this summer? The University is taking many steps to ensure a healthy and safe work environment on campus this summer. These include ongoing discussions with local health officials, hand sanitizer availability, symptomatic and surveillance testing will be available. In addition, the University will continue to encourage all faculty and staff to be vaccinated, and full vaccinations will be required by August 2.
  9. Will masks be required inside campus buildings this summer? Because of our high rates of vaccination, low campus case rates, and St. Joseph County’s improved case rates, those who are fully vaccinated by one of the three vaccines approved in the United States (Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson) do not need to wear their masks indoors, effective June 3. For those who are not vaccinated, to support the health of our community, we ask you to continue wearing masks indoors and encourage you to sign up for surveillance testing if you are regularly coming to campus.
  10. Will surveillance testing be available for employees during the summer? Yes. During the summer, surveillance testing for those without symptoms will be available weekly, but not required, for faculty and staff Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the University Testing Center. (However, the University will require those who have received approved vaccine exemptions to undergo regular COVID-19 surveillance testing starting in early August).
  11. What do I do if I have COVID symptoms? Symptomatic COVID-19 testing will continue to be available during the summer. Students should call UHS at 631-7497 and faculty and staff may call the Notre Dame Wellness Center at 631-9355 to speak with a medical professional to schedule a test.
  12. How do I apply for an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement? As was communicated in the message from the Executive Officers on May 20, those who seek a COVID-19 vaccine exemption may do so for the following reasons: 1) Medical, 2) Religious or 3) Strongly held beliefs. Please complete this form to apply for an exemption.
  13. Can I be informed about the vaccination status of the colleagues I work closely with? No. Employees may not ask colleagues if they have been vaccinated. However, employees may voluntarily share if they’ve been vaccinated.
  14. What will happen if positive cases on campus rise? We will closely monitor the number of cases on campus and continue our ongoing contact with local health officials to determine our best course of action if we see a meaningful increase in positive cases.
  15. Will accommodations for COVID-related concerns continue to be available this summer? No. All accommodations offered under the University’s COVID-related further accommodations process will expire as of June 30, 2021.
  16. Which facilities will employees have access to this summer? We expect the majority of facilities to follow the normal summer hours. Updates will be communicated throughout the summer.
  17. Will there be retail food options on campus this summer?
    Retail in Duncan Student Center, LaFortune and the Hesburgh Library (ABP) are open for normal summer hours. No plexiglass, but seating will be less dense than standard academic semester. Grubhub encouraged, although retail outlets will take walk up orders and payment

Rohrs (Morris Inn) will be open for normal hours

Legends, DeGrasta, Garbanzo, Decio, and other express retail outlets to remain closed until the start of the Fall Semester

North Dining Hall will be open for individuals with purchased meal plans. 85% of the available space will offer in-person dining without plexiglass and pre-COVID seating configurations for vaccinated individuals. 15% of the available space will offer plexiglass and physically distanced chairs for faculty, staff, visitors and students who prefer enhanced protocols. Carry Out option available. Limited outdoor seating will be available on the North Quad, although there will be no outdoor tents.

Originally published by Office of Human Resources at on May 25, 2021.