Redesigned main entrance improves campus access for visitors, Notre Dame community

Mc 12

Construction is complete on the reimagined main entrance to campus, which includes a new gate house, updated traffic flow and landscaping.

The main gate entrance along Notre Dame Avenue has added a non-gated lane dedicated to bookstore traffic. The main gate entrance to the inner part of campus now includes both a visitor lane and one dedicated to faculty and staff with digitally enhanced hang tags. The new hang tag technology allows drivers hands-free access to gated campus entrances without the need for proximity cards or clickers to open gates. These updates, all incorporated to relieve traffic congestion, also include a turnaround lane for vehicles redirected after arriving at the gate house.  

“The main gate to our interior campus road network was redesigned with the intent to make it more welcoming and user-friendly for both visitors and members of our campus community,” said Doug Marsh, vice president for facilities design and operations and University architect. “The revised traffic pattern should improve access to campus for vehicles with hang tags while providing separate lanes for those seeking bookstore parking or visitors asking for directions.”

Improvements to the bookstore parking lot were completed in August along with the conversion of the basketball courts west of the bookstore into parking for faculty and staff. New basketball courts, along with pickleball courts, have been constructed west of the current site.