Re-imagining dinner at the re-imagined Rohr’s


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If you are looking for a break from the ordinary dinner, then the re-imagined Rohr’s is that break. My husband Greg and I visited in August, our first time eating in any restaurant since March. The visit did not disappoint. At the time of our visit, seating was available inside the restaurant. Currently, seating is available on the Wind Family Fireside Terrace only, but allow me to take you inside where I became acquainted with the new Rohr’s.

Your dining experience begins from the moment you walk into Rohr’s. The interior space has been completely renovated, and if it’s possible for a space to be both airy and cozy at the same time, Rohr’s has achieved it. The rich dark woods and comfortable leather seating throughout are inviting, while the floor-to-ceiling windows to the outside terrace and to the inn itself bring in an abundance of warm light.

I felt comfortable at our table, as there were no other patrons seated near us. Thanks to physical distancing precautions, occupancy was reduced to 75 percent, allowing us to have some breathing room to enjoy our meal.

Our server, Edward Nolan, fielded questions about items on the menu. His answers went beyond general knowledge of the item to the backstory, as if he was sharing a secret that only we would have the good fortune of knowing.

We began our dining experience with the burrata cheese, served with extra virgin olive oil, basil, balsamic dressing and sourdough bread, toasted crunchy but not hard. The spices and balsamic drizzled over the warm cheese were balanced out by the toasted bread.

Rohrs Bread Web

Greg ordered the pan-roasted chicken with garlic mashed potato. I ordered the steak frites well done (I know it is a sin for some beef eaters, but I like more meat and less moo on my plate). Still, it came moist and flavorful, and cooked to my specifications.It was served with fries, perfectly seasoned and cooked to that not-too-soft, not-too-done happy medium.

Brussels Sprouts Web

We ordered what Edward described as a “shareable” side, an ample-sized serving of Brussels sprouts tossed in a sweet chili vinaigrette. Seared and seasoned, these were not the Brussels sprouts you grew up with, I promise you. I’ll never be able to appreciate them in my own pot at home again.

As the evening wore on, I noticed that the music matched the pace of the setting sun, becoming more jazzy and bluesy. This was not a meal to be rushed; you don’t want to miss the way butter melts into a steak.

For dessert, we shared carrot cake, which sounds like your garden-variety dessert. But Rohr’s carrot cake is not to be found at your family potluck. This cake is all grown up and sporting a brand new shape. The carrot cake comes plated in four round pieces (baked in a tube and then sliced), served warm, resting on a bed of plain yogurt. A drizzle of honey and tiny little crystals of sugared ginger are sprinkled about. A light smattering of microgreens garnishes the plate.

Carrot Cake Web

 I have a huge sweet tooth — in fact, several — but what I liked about this cake was that it wasn’t overly sweet. It had just enough sweetness so you wouldn’t forget you were eating cake, and not so much so that you might miss the slight bite of the sugared ginger.

There’s a full complement of beverages to go with your meal, and again, our server was well-versed in the choices.

On our way home, Greg and I sized up the experience. His favorite part of the meal was the appetizer, and in particular, the toasted sourdough bread. There was just the right amount of crunch and char to it (as he describes it) and paired with the cheese, it was perfect. This is saying something for a man born and raised in Amish country where bread and cheese are mainstays.

The Brussels sprouts were palate-pleasing and substantial enough for me to eat all by itself, but the carrot cake had me at sugared ginger. This is the dessert that could compromise any diet.

The prices are above your fancier chain restaurants (but so is the taste experience).  I wouldn’t save Rohr’s for a special occasion; make it your ‘I deserve this’ destination.