Presidential Team Irish Award winner: Office of the Registrar Academic Course Management Team


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The Office of the Registrar Academic Course Management team from the Registrar’s Office managed the University’s transition from the old Core Curriculum to the new Core Curriculum. Members achieved this by creating two parallel systems to keep track of the students who matriculated using the old Core Curriculum and for those who needed to register using the new Core Curriculum.

Creating and maintaining this parallel system had many requirements. Both systems needed to have the correct course designation, the ability for faculty to create classes and an intuitive way to use it. By consistently meeting with the various Core Curriculum Committees, this team ensured a smooth and successful transition.

The Presidential Team Irish Award program recognizes staff teams that exemplify the University’s Core Values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, leadership in mission and leadership in excellence. A select number of staff teams receive the award each year as a recognition of significant accomplishments, collaborations or initiatives where they demonstrated Core Values.

The Academic Course Management Application has greatly simplified the complex task of reviewing dozens of new courses. Congratulations to the Office of the Registrar: Academic Course Management team for winning the Presidential Team Irish Award!

Office of the Registrar: Academic Course Management Application in Support of the New Core Curriculum Team:

  • Rochelle Jones
  • Paul Ullrich
  • Chris Temple
  • Scott Ball
  • Luis Gomez
  • Christina Wojtysiak
  • Amika Micou
  • Michael Chua
  • Kara Turner
  • Chuck Hurley
  • Brandon Rich

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The Presidential Team Irish Award recognizes staff teams that have exemplified the University’s Core Values of accountability, teamwork, integrity, leadership in excellence and leadership in mission during a significant accomplishment, collaboration or initiative.

Originally published by Anna McKeever at on Oct. 30.