Take advantage of the reserved parking program on campus


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Make parking even easier. Take advantage of the reserved parking program and ensure your space is ready when you are.

Visit ParkND to take advantage:

  • Log in with your Okta credentials.
  • Scroll down and click “Add/Edit Waitlists” to add, edit and view your reserved parking waitlist options.

The reserved parking program is available to full-time faculty and staff members and serves as a convenience to those seeking a permanent parking space. The annual cost for a reserved parking space is $528 ($44/month). This fee is evenly divided and paid as a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck each pay period.

Reserved parking spaces are available in the Bookstore, Bulla, Dunne, Fischer, Grace, ROTC, Stadium, Stayer and Wilson Faculty/Staff lots. There is no cost to be placed on the waitlist. 

Visit the Notre Dame Parking Services website or call the parking office at 574-631-5053 to learn more.