November service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in November:

35 Years

Janet L. Dillon, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Carolyn M. Rush, Infrastructure Services
Robert Wojtasik, Office of Director, Maintenance

25 Years

Danny J. Bloss, Food Services Support Facility
Geary L. Locke, Morris Inn
Eva E. Nance, Office of Strategic Planning

20 Years

Nancy E. Cyr, Shared Services
Charles R. Loving, Snite Museum
Grant J. Mathews, Physics
Kimberly S. Milewski, Reilly Center
Elisa L. Podrasky, Gigot Center
Marc M. Poklinkowski, Food Services, South Dining Hall

15 Years

William D. Brovold, Office of Director, Maintenance
Maureen Collins, Graduate School
Patricia A. Ford, MBA Program Career Development
May L. Kwok, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Jack E. Lolmaugh, Food Services Support Facility
Wendy M. McMillen, University Press
Daniel Reck, Campus Technology Services
Stephanie C. Reed, Men’s Basketball
Matthew R. Simpson, Hesburgh Libraries
Maria C. Weston, Customer IT Solutions

10 Years

Lori L. Ermeti, Office of Human Resources
Todd A. Hill, Office of Chief Information Officer
Kyle D. Johnson, Research and Sponsored Programs
Diana K. King, Catering By Design
Paul D. Mueller, Associate VP Undergraduate Enrollment
Bi Pham, Food Services, North Dining Hall
Robert M. Rennie, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Larry Richey, Biological Sciences
David Schulte, Customer IT Solutions
Nga T. Vu, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Yingxi E. Zhu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering