November new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in November:

Antoinette Anderson, Scott A. Baber, Sarah Baiz, Pamela S. Blazi, Bailey C. Davis, Nicole Davis, Charles E. Felix, Rosa E. Hinojo, Brandin A. Mayer, Mathew J. Peloquin, Dajea B. Pickett, Janete V. Schoenfeld, Bonnie J. Shoemaker, Norma Soto and Lindsey Williford, Custodial Services
Erin Anthony, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Reginald Batusic, User Services
John R. Curran, Office of Executive Vice President
Alissa M. Doroh, English
Anastasia M. Envall, Alumni Association
Paula Frederick and Kessa N. Kearse, Morris Inn
Erin Hall and Kristina T. Wright, Pre-College Programs
Amber Harknett and Navah Hurt, Building Services
Derek D. Hickok, Landscape Services
Bethany L. Jaworski, IT Service Delivery
Veronica C. Kozelichki, Office of Research
Claire E. Leatherwood, Athletics Compliance and Legal
Ryan Maure, Customer IT Solutions
Derin W. McMains, Student Development & Welfare
Regina E. Snider, GBP Student Services
Sean D. Summers, Hesburgh Libraries