Notre Dame statement on weekend shootings


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“The University of Notre Dame community mourns and prays for the families and friends of those killed and injured in senseless shootings this past weekend in Buffalo, New York, and Laguna Woods, California.

“The racial animus that inspired the murders in Buffalo is the antithesis of all that we as a people stand for, as was the targeting of members of the Asian American community while at church. We pray for an end to the divisive rhetoric that has led to a growing and unacceptable environment of hate and violence that is tearing at the fabric of our nation.

“Notre Dame is committed to scholarship and education related to issues of race and reconciliation through entities such as the Initiative on Race and Resilience and the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights.

“Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Notre Dame Wellness Center for emotional well-being services. Students may contact the University Counseling Center for counseling or Campus Ministry for pastoral support.”


Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

President, University of Notre Dame


The Rev. Canon Hugh R. Page Jr.

Vice President for Institutional Transformation

Originally published by Notre Dame News at on May 16, 2022.