Nominate a vendor for the Partner Sustainability Award


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Kimberly-Clark representatives receive the inaugural Procurement Partner Sustainability Award, in 2019. Pictured left to right: Trent Grocock, Shannon Cullinan, Mike Tears, Kara Walker, Elijah Rigsby, Linda Kroll, Gilberto Carles, Carol Mullaney, Allison Mihalich, Donnetta McClellan  

Do you work with a vendor that helps the University advance its sustainability efforts? Nominate the company for the second Procurement Partner Sustainability Award. 

Criteria for the award include environmental impact, reach of influence, innovation and commitment to efficiency. This year, the award selection committee is especially interested in vendors that have gone the extra mile to support Notre Dame during the COVID-19 crisis. Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday, Sept. 1, and honorees will be recognized at the 2020 Supplier Expo, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 21.

The offices of Sustainability and Procurement Services partnered in 2019 to recognize the sustainability efforts of campus vendors with an award. The University presented the inaugural Procurement Partner Supplier Award to Kimberly-Clark for its commitment to work with the University to help it reach its sustainability goals. With the help of this vendor, a major paper towel dispenser conversion program was successfully implemented on campus. The program involved the retrofitting of multi-fold towel dispensers to roll-towel dispensers, which were funded and installed by Kimberly-Clark. The change allows the University to use a less expensive and less wasteful towel rather than a higher-priced multi-fold towel, significantly reducing cost and waste. 

For more information on the Procurement Partner Supplier Award, visit the Office of Sustainability’s website. Any questions regarding the award can be sent to Allison Mihalich, senior program director in the Office of Sustainability. Click here to nominate.