New visitor pay stations and guest parking permits


New Visitor Parking

Parking Services has announced more options for visitor parking, including visitor parking pay stations and single-day guest parking permits. Click on map for a larger view. All parking permits need to be displayed on the vehicle dashboard or hung from the rearview mirror, so they are visible to parking enforcement staff.  


Visitor parking pay stations

In response to feedback about visitor and guest parking, Parking Services has installed two additional visitor pay stations on the southern part of campus. There will be no change to the current visitor parking lot, located near the Walsh Family Hall of Architecture. (See map.) The pay stations will allow visitors to the University to more easily obtain parking passes and park in the Joyce, Compton, Baseball or Walsh Hall parking lots.


One new pay station is in the Compton Family Ice Arena parking lot near the bus shelter off Holy Cross Drive.

An additional pay station can also be found in the Joyce Center Lot, just south of the entrance to the Purcell Pavilion.

Single-day guest parking permits

University departments and offices can purchase one-day guest parking permits by completing an online form on the visitor and guest parking page of You are encouraged to buy and distribute permits to guests in advance of their visits. The permits are valid for the specific date that is scratched off, so some departments may choose to keep a small inventory on hand. These passes are valid in the following parking lots: Joyce, Compton, Walsh Architecture, Bulla Student, Lake and Dorr Road.


Please visit for more information.