Morris Inn chef welcomed at Holy Cross School


Chef Calvin

Holy Cross School in South Bend has long valued the richness of its diverse community. This year school leaders decided to reach out to the local community to re-envision how to integrate Black History Month more robustly into the life of the school. They found creative methods to help students understand the many ways that African-Americans have contributed to the vitality of their nation. Holy Cross School welcomed artists, entrepreneurs, culinary experts and people of faith to help them celebrate this important month set aside for learning, celebrating and elevating.

Chef CalvinChef Calvin Metts with students


 The month-long spotlight on black history ended with a special visit and meal prepared by Morris Inn Sous Chef Calvin Metts and his team. In addition to the delight of tasting expertly prepared food, students learned numerous lessons like math and measurement in cooking, using the words “palate” and “cuisine” to talk about tastes and food, and the Spanish word for chef — cocinero.


Metts, alongside Morris Inn food and beverage manager and Holy Cross School parent Kessa Kearse and other members of the culinary team, were on hand to talk with the students and staff about their careers and their love of working with food.


“It’s not every day that a distinguished chef comes to visit a school,” said teacher Clare Roach. “Chef Calvin shared his own life story with our students and he invited them to understand more deeply how African-Americans have contributed to the culinary landscape of America. It was a visit our students will not soon forget. We are so grateful for our friends at Notre Dame and for their support of our efforts to spotlight African-American experts in our community.”