Meet your Human Resources Consultant


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Human Resources Consultants: Strategic partners that can help you (and your team) achieve more


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Faculty and staff new to Notre Dame often comment that the Human Resources department isn’t like those they’ve experienced before. Elsewhere, a trip to HR might be something to dread.


But at Notre Dame, HR is so much more than a place to address workplace grievances or fill out paperwork. What differentiates Notre Dame’s Office of Human Resources is that it’s personalized and personable.


For example, 11 Human Resources Consultants, or HRCs, provide guidance and support to managers and employees in designated departments, colleges and institutes. Mark Kocovski, director of HR Consulting, wants everyone to know the HRC assigned to their office.
(See below to find yours.)


The HRCs specialize in performance management and employee relations. They understand operational facets of the office they support including organizational strategy, structure, culture, talent and processes to provide guidance for leadership and employees.


“There are a few different ways to look at the role of an HRC,” Kocovski says. “Your HRC is a strategic partner who can proactively help your team achieve more. That could be through training or organizational design, both short-term and long-term. They’re a great partner at the table during those discussions.”


That’s similar to the feedback one manager offered to her HRC: “Thank you so much for taking your time to come in and work through the feedback session with our leadership team today. You really did a great job facilitating discussion and moving us through the ‘three buckets’ of focus during the hour we had set aside.  We came up with some great action items and were able to create buy-in for suggestions that will help us perform even better as a department and as individuals. Since the feedback was specifically directed at me, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude at how you handled working with me throughout the cycle.”


“Similarly,” Kocovski adds, “if as an individual you want to be able to talk to someone whose opinion you trust and who you can confide in, you can rely on your Human Resources Consultant for that as well.”


One employee noted, “I recently found myself in a very stressful situation and needed to make some serious decisions about my future with Notre Dame. My HRC was most helpful in offering me options and helping me prioritize my game plan. I am delighted to say that I consider myself a success story and am thankful for the guidance and encouragement HR was able to offer.”


For more information about your HRC, go to or give them a call through the askHR call center, 574-631-5900.



Meet your Human Resources Consultant



Mark Kocovski

Director of HR Consulting

Departments: Provost’s Office, Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President, Office of Human Resources, Investment Office


Sandra Garcia

Human Resources Consultant,

Departments: Auxiliary Operations
(Campus Dining, St. Michael’s Laundry, Auxiliary Services, Licensing, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Irish1Card, Bookstore)


Ten Gray

Human Resources Consultant

Departments: Facilities, Design and Operations, The Graduate School, Hesburgh Library, University Press, Academic Services for Student Athletes, College of Engineering, Campus Safety and Event Management


Sharon Hawkins

Senior Human Resources

Departments: Campus Services (Aviation, Building Services, Landscape and Athletic Fields Services, Warehouse, Delivery and Transportation, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, Finance and Administration)


Shelly Liapes

Department: Faculty


Lori Maurer

Senior Human Resources

Departments: Office of Information
Technology, Office of Digital Learning, Institute for Education Initiatives
/ ACE, Athletics


LaKrisha Newbill-Perry
Human Resources Consultant

Departments: Enrollment, First Year Studies, Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars, TRiO, ROTC, CUSE, McGrath Institute for Church Life, CSC, IDEA Center, Keough School of Global Affairs, Snite Museum, Registrar, OPAC, Audit and Advisory


Kim Patton

Human Resources Consultant

Departments: College of Arts and Letters, College of Science, ND Research, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Office of General Counsel, Student Affairs


Laura Picking

Human Resources Consultant

Departments: School of Architecture, VP Mission Engagement and Church Affairs, ND International, University Relations


Diana Placzkowski

Human Resources Consultant

Department: Morris Inn/Notre Dame
Conference Center


Jessica Schuman

Human Resources Consultant

Departments: Finance Division, Mendoza College of Business, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research,
Law School