May and June service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in May and June:

40 Years

Kevin J. Hirl, Joyce Center Crowd Control

35 Years

Christopher R. Blazi, Utilities—Operations
Marc D. Cozzi, Radiation Laboratory

30 Years

William E. Archer, Biological Sciences
Brenda A. Carr and Rosemary S. Michalski, Development
Mark C. Pilkinton, Film, Television, and Theatre

25 Years

Tammy Bergl and Bill A. Willard, Landscape Services
John F. Glon, Food Services Support Facility Production
Paul A. Kempf, Planning, Design and Construction
Ava Preacher, College of Arts and Letters
Richard K. Sudlow, Center for Research Computing
Joseph W. Thomas, Law Library
Dawn M. Verleye, Biological Sciences
Wendy A. Wolfe, Honors Program in Arts and Sciences

20 Years

Randy R. Benninghoff, Central Receiving
Thomas R. Cole, Utilities—Operations
Sureeni Ekanayake, Investment Office
Donna M. Fecher, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Kim M. Ferraro, Hesburgh Libraries
John E. Makowicz and Terron J. Phillips, Landscape Services
Terence M. McCoy, EIS—Communication Services
T. Mark Olsen, Biological Sciences
Joel E. Urbany, Marketing
Sandra C. Vera-Munoz, Accountancy

15 Years

Mary Jo Adams Kocovski and Rachel S. Moreno, Alliance for Catholic Education
Cheryl L. Barrette, Morris Inn
Lisa L. Berlincourt, Engineering and Science Computing
Kathleen J. Canavan, Notre Dame Review
Kimberly M. Candler, Huddle
Bruce A. Carter, Customer Support Services
Thomas C. Cummings, Institute for Church Life
Chung T. Dang, Peggy M. Lant, Kathryn L. Melton and Darla R. Wilson, Custodial Services
Alan L. Foust, Security
Renee S. Glover, Food Services Administration
Daniel J. Karmgard, Physics
Carmen L. Leichty, Provost Office
Timothy J. Loughran, Finance
Juli A. Schreiber, Human Resources
Adam M. Tirotta, Transportation Services
Heidi M. Uebelhor, Athletics Compliance and Legal
Randall L. Yoho, Academic and Administrative Services
Ravanea Zavor, Graduate School
Mark B. Zmyslo, Golf Course Operations

10 Years

Hilda J. Boney, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Patricia F. Brady, Investment Office
Clint M. Brown, Law School Information Technology
Robin Caldwell, Annual Giving Programs
Amy M. Chisholm, Shared Services
Mindy R. Epley, Audit and Advisory Services
Gregory Hakanen, Office of VP—Finance
Therese L. Hanlon, Kellogg Institute
George R. Heeter, Keri K. Shibata and Steven J. Stebbins, Security
Ireneusz Janik, Radiation Laboratory
Margit S. Jewett, Development—Inst. and Individual Giving
Michelle V. Joyce, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kristy L. Leininger, College of Arts and Letters
Gitta Lubke, Psychology
Michael B. McKenna, Physics
Kelly A. McKinney, EIS—Application Services
William W. O’Hayer, College of Science
Robyn Pola, ND Marketplace
Tammie A. Rowley, Planning, Design and Construction
Theresa L. Sikorski, Freimann Animal Care Facility
John Sitter, English
Erika M. Summers-Effler, Sociology
Harold D. Swanagan, Men’s Basketball
Kathleen M. Van Vleet, Washington Hall, Manager’s Office