May 2019 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees, who began work in May:


Matthew B. Bartilotti, Martin A. Buckley, Adam C. Burt, Jacqueline N. Courtney, Courtney C. Dale, Hailey N. Dikeman, Michael C. Doherty, Francis J. Hagan, Thomas J. Hart, Robert E. Hoskins, Russell M. Joyce, Matthew K. Lillie, Scott A. Lillie, Seamus J. Long, Alexander I. Miskimon, Adrian K. Navotas, Henry D. Palmier, Benjamin M. Wdowik and Cole T. Yelich, Navy ROTC

Cathryn K. Bianchini, Misty D. Eitler, Selina I. Hawkins, Montell M. Horton and Kim Shelton, Morris Inn

Kevin E. Campbell, James M. Dunivent, Marissa S. Klatt and Adam L. Pickens, Custodial Services

Paul R. Carenen and Mary G. Yost, Athletics Ticketing

Lauren J. Clark, Center for Culinary Excellence

Darrell C. Claypool, Joseph R. Dietz, Kathleen E. Eckrich, Timothy R. Kelly and Katy E. Orenchuk, Development

Corinne M. Coia, Caroline A. Holt and Patrick C. Stoecker, Student Development and Welfare

Jessica M. De Fina, VenueND

Juanita Esguerra Rezk, Kroc Institute

Emily E. Evans, Recruitment and Communications

Dianna L. Koelndorfer, First Year of Studies

Rebecca A. Leneway, Hesburgh Libraries

Ian R. McFarland, Football

Lindsey A. McIntyre, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Israel N. Mitchell, Legends

Kenneth P. Nagle, Customer IT Solutions

Sean P. Nohelty, School of Architecture

Phillip M. Stepanian, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Allison R. Wattenbarger, Tantur Ecumenical Institute

Caleb M. Worm, Alumni Association

Larisa L. Yates, Training and Development