March new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in March:

Luis G. Alberganti, Food Services Administration
Martin C. Biagi, Clay J. Bignell and Jeffrey Quinn, Football
Martinez A. Cobb and Shannon L. Marien, Notre Dame Research
Elizabeth M. Colleran, Athletics Digital Media
Neal W. Connolly, University Health Services
Joshua R. Darguzis, Laminda Foree, Sandra J. Ramirez-Rocio, Jeffrey R. Rockwell, Elix L. Rondon and Mevlida Tursunovic, Custodial Services
Traci L. Derda and William G. Kraus, Security
Kristin M. Eichstedt, Pamela J. Herron, Thomas R. Meadows, Sydney A. Oliver and Eulalia M. Roberts, Morris Inn
Vicky L. Flesher, Research and Sponsored Programs
Jackelyn K. Franco, Center for Social Concerns
Zoe Gioja, CUSE
Kenneth J. Hallenius, Center for Ethics and Culture
Michael C. Hannigan, Office of General Counsel
Kangli Hao and Reid Johnson, Computer Science and Engineering
Paul M. Heroman and Morgan E. Schlarb, Executive Education
Anieka Johnson, ND International Security Program
Steven J. Koich, Office of Communications
Viola McClenty, Building Services
Ericka M. Mendoza, Office of VP–Finance
Jared Olashuk, Athletic Grounds
LaRita K. Robinson, Hesburgh Libraries