March 2022 Service Anniversaries

The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in March:

40 Years
Tamara R. Springer, Mendoza College of Business

35 Years
Keith A. Bruce, Office of Director, Maintenance

30 Years
Claude J. Devaney, Notre Dame Studios

25 Years
Annie K. Geary, Office of the President

20 Years
Eileen Williams, North Dining Hall
Angela Yugo, Pre-College Programs

15 Years
Angelica M. Cowan and Darrell Rowell, Custodial Services
Michael J. Cramer, UNDERC
Cheryl M. O’Brien, Athletics
Natalie Stahl, Office of Campus Safety
Ellen G. Williams, Robinson Community Learning Center

10 Years
Teresa Brito-Robinson,
WM Keck Center for Transgene Research
Katharine A. Callaghan, Preprofessional Studies
Rebecca H. Gillespie, University Counseling Center
Bruce Harrison, Office of Campus Safety
Kathleen A. Jackson, Planning, Design and Construction
Gina P. Jozwiak, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hye-jin Juhn and Andy Wetherill, Hesburgh Libraries
Stephen H. Kabel, Police
Catherine Kennedy, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs
Kathy M. Knoll, Notre Dame Research
Kathryn A. Lichon, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Kallie A. Lies, Center for Research Computing
Robert E. Miltenberger, Landscape Services
Jennette Nihart, Custodial Services
Stacey S. Noem, Theology
John Pozivilko, University Enabling Technology Services
Philip Rollins, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Smith, Constitutional Studies/Tocqueville
Vincent R. Versagli, Law School
Michael Wentzel, Turbomachinery Facility
Ralph White, St. Michael’s Laundry