March 2019 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in March:


Juan Ariza, Rachel M. Foulks, Tiara L. Martindale, Edward D. Miller, Maria I. Negron, Linda Tha and Diamond M. Williams, Custodial Services

Olawole O. Ayinuola, WM Keck Center for Transgene Research

Daniel B. Boughton and Allison M. Malecki, IT Service Delivery

Jason C. Campbell, University Catering

Veronica L. Chevalier, Recreational Sports

Hayden W. Clements, Golf Course Operations

Kelly T. Courington and Mark D. Helmke, Development

Chim-Chim B. Daniel, Sue M. Kruizenga, Kimberley A. Marshman and Teresa A. Wolford, Morris Inn

Nancy H. Davila, St. Michael’s Laundry

Olivia M. Hertsel, Payroll Services

Emira Kobaslija and Natalie Minglin, Garbanzo

Derek Lake, NDnano

Jessica A. Piser, Turbomachinery Facility

Bradley R. Sandberg and Jessica Yang, Center for Research Computing

Tahra A. Taylor, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs