Love Data Week Haiku Contest winners announced

Love Data Week

Love Data Week is an annual, week-long event each February dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of research data management, sharing, preservation and reuse. 

Hesburgh Libraries and the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship join other institutions in hosting educational events for those who work with and care about research, professional, community and personal data.

This year’s drop-in event titled Citizen Science: Lead Exposure invited participants to help categorize existing historical data to identify areas of lead exposure in South Bend. The Viz Lab Open House gave attendees a chance to fly through Google Earth in virtual reality; draw in midair with the Oculus Rift; investigate network diagramming of complex data on large-scale monitors; and experience the advantages of mapping on a very large scale.

The most popular event was the Data Haiku Contest, which received submissions from all across campus. The haiku submissions had to be related to data in some way (e.g., research data management, processing, sharing, preservation, reuse, etc.). 

Congratulations to the 2020 Data Haiku Contest winners and honorable mentions—proof that the love of data is alive, well, and living on the campus of Notre Dame.



Status wheel spins right

Churning through tables and rows

Waiting for answers

~Alison Lanski, Institutional Research

(No title)

Data is messy

Sometimes it overwhelms you

But then, so is life

~Tiffany Gillaspy, Hesburgh Libraries

Loser's Lament

Hit save often, yo!

Her words come back to me now

As I sit, weeping

~Daniel Fahey, Keough School of Global Affairs


Honorable Mentions


today I regret

my file naming convention


~Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon, Hesburgh Libraries


Where is my data?!

So many copies to search.

Should have made a plan…

~Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon, Hesburgh Libraries


Am I meaningful?

Have I been misunderstood?

See Supplemental.

~Heather Buelow, Biological Sciences

(No title)

Spurious data

Manipulating masses

Betrayed by the screen

~Prasheel Vartak, Graduate Student, Business

(No title)

Mean Median Mode

All are found at the center

Data has a point

~Morgan Delp, Graduate Student, Business


Faceless data points

Hidden behind statistics

Seeking widespread change

~Ashley Presley, Undergraduate Student

Data Is...

Garbage out you say.

Clean before you enter in.

That will save the day!

~Cheryl Schlimpert, Stewardship and Donor Relations