Love Data Week 2021 Haiku Contest winners announced


Love Data Week

Love Data Week is an annual, week-long event each February dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of data management, sharing, preservation and reuse.

Hesburgh Libraries and the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship join other institutions in hosting educational events for those who work with and care about research, professional, community and personal data. Due to the pandemic, all events were virtual this year.

Workshops such as NVivo for Beginners and Bringing Order to Qualitative Madness with ATLAS.ti taught attendees about tools and techniques for working with qualitative data. This year’s drop-in event, Managing Your Personal Data, invited participants to discuss tips and tricks for organizing and managing their personal documents, photos and other files.

At the session The U.S. Census: Then, Now, and Moving Forward participants explored the beginnings of the U.S. Census, its current charge and intent and the challenges it faces in contemporary society. Attendees experimented with tools useful for socio-demographic research involving U.S. Census resources — specifically, extracting and customizing data from and visualizing data with Social Explorer.

Similar to Love Data Week 2020, the most popular event was the Data Haiku Contest, which received submissions from all across campus. The haiku submissions had to be related to data in some way (e.g., data management, processing, sharing, preservation, reuse, etc.).

The 2021 Data Haiku Contest demonstrated that the love of data is alive, well and thriving on the campus of Notre Dame. Read the poems below.

2021 Haiku Contest Winners

The following winners are in no particular order.

Title: D8a Boi

He's a data boy

She said see you later boy

Find a new model

Author: Alec Torigian, Alliance for Catholic Education

No Title

Mined from raw to rich

“Data’s the new oil,” they say

Fueling new frontiers

Author: Maggie McMahon, Undergraduate Student, ITAO/Business Analytics

Title: Lost Connection

Message of Despair

Bane of Procrastinators

Error: 404

Author: Peter Schimpf, Undergraduate Student, Aerospace Engineering

Honorable Mentions

Title: Ethnographic Data from a Fort Wayne Funeral

Draped in white she lies

I stare at her for long, since

The dead cannot talk


Author: Helal Mohammed Khan, Graduate Student, Peace Studies and Anthropology


Title: Bayes

The bayesian stats,

think independent events.

Likelihood of case.

Author: Sarah Nicholls, Undergraduate Student, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics


Title: Ode to Data

Oh! your lovely curves,

You’re a variance from all

the standard subjects

Author: Matilda Sweis, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science

No Title

Data everywhere.

Thank you for the data file.

Codebooks are nowhere.


Author: Don Brower, Hesburgh Libraries

Title: Cartesian love story

Their relationship

Dependent, variable

A scattered plotline

Author: Brian Fremeau, Office of Campus Safety

Title: Tik Tok

Become numeric.

Forget who you are—swipe on

Let algos decide…


Author: Tommy Campbell, Undergraduate Student, Finance

Title: anonymized


metadata connects us

(i know who you are)

Author: Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon, Hesburgh Libraries