Live Well Rewards – Wellness Incentive Program


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Save up to $360 in medical health premium credits for next year

We are excited to announce this year’s Live Well Rewards program. This program gives benefit-eligible faculty and staff the opportunity to earn up to $360 in medical health premium credits for next year while helping them take care of their total well-being.

How it works

We’ll reward you the following amounts in premium credits for completing any (or all!) of the following between November 16, 2021, to November 11, 2022:

  • Annual physical exam ($150)
  • Dental or vision exam ($120)
  • Fidelity Financial Wellness Checkup ($90)

Your Live Well Rewards will be applied as a credit to your 2023 health plan premium. 

The credit will be evenly divided throughout the year. For example, if you complete the three activities and earn $360, the credit will be divided by 12 months—lowering your premium by $30 each month.

How to participate

November 11, 2022 will be here before we know it, and we encourage you to go ahead and schedule and attend the appointments you need to participate in the program as soon as you can!

  1. Schedule and attend your annual physical and dental or vision exams
  2. Fill out the Fidelity Financial Wellness Checkup (see instructions)
  3. Once you have completed all the activities you intend to complete, fill out the online Live Well Rewards form then hit “submit” to finalize by November 11, 2022. Please note that the form can be submitted more than once as you complete activities. 

Notice Regarding Wellness Program

Print Live Well Rewards Flyer

Originally published by Office of Human Resources at on April 30, 2021.