Last chance to make changes to next year’s benefits


Vih Anthem Booth

Open enrollment is an annual opportunity for faculty and staff to reevaluate their benefits and decide which options meet their needs in the year ahead. 

While most benefit selections will roll forward this year,* employees who would like to make changes must complete online enrollment by this Friday, Nov. 6. 

Whether you are still gathering information and making decisions about your benefits or if you are ready to enroll, the Office of Human Resources is here to help.

For faculty and staff still gathering information and making decisions, refer to the following resources:

  • AskAlex, the interactive online benefits counselor that explains Notre Dame’s benefits in simple language.
  • Review the 2021 Open Enrollment Decision Guide, which provides detailed information about the comprehensive benefits options. 
  • Stop by the Virtual Irish Health fair to visit benefit vendor virtual booths. Employees who visit at least five booths will be entered to win a cash prize of $250, $500 or $750. 

For those ready to enroll in benefits for next year, there are these resources: 

  • Learn how to enroll by watching this How to Enroll video.
  • Schedule an appointment to attend an Enrollment Assistance Session.
  • Gather your information (netID and password, full legal name, date of birth and Social Security number of dependents, name and address of your life insurance beneficiaries). and enroll online at until Friday, Nov. 6.

*If you are currently enrolled in the HDHP plan with HRA, you will default to the HSA plan in 2021 unless you make a different election. You must enroll each year in Flexible Spending Accounts.