June new employees


The University welcomes the following employees 
who began work in June:

Sarah E. Baechle, Graduate School
Tim Barger, Howard Hudson, Cliniqua M. Kyle, Tiea M. Martin-Wegman, Terrence P.
Parker and Robert A. Wheeler,
Custodial Services
Kimberly Bloom, Management
Michael A. Brown and Megan R. Macri, Development
Joseph Chambers, Biological Sciences
Sugana Chawla, iCeNSA
Josephine C. Drew, Central Receiving
Rachel E. Ferguson, Naval ROTC
Manuel Fernandez, Allison L. Jeter, William R. Newkirk and Erin A. Rosario, Alliance for
Catholic Education
Leigh Fouts, Recreational Sports
Sandra Garcia, Human Resources
Emily A. Hildebrandt, Risk Management and Safety
Jeong Seek Kang and Samuel Martin, Turbomachinery Facility
Patrick Kronner, Campus Ministry
Thomas Laskowski, Utilities—Operations
Ziqian Li, Notre Dame International
Jonathan D. Lunsford and Molly Schau, Morris Inn
Blas G. Moros, Investment Office
Erik W. Oswald, Career Center
Shawn H. Pulscher, GBP Career Services
Emily Rice, Student Accounts
Jeffery A. Rogers, St. Michael’s Laundry
Michael B. Ryan, College of Engineering
Tatum L. St. Cyr, Athletics Ticketing
Paul E. Sykes, Joyce Center
Mairin E. Talerico, Audit and Advisory Services
Laura G. Thomas, Athletics Digital Media
Anna Turner, Athlete Nutrition
Rochelle Upshur, Student Activities
Sean P. Walton, Hesburgh Libraries
Robert Wiesman, Customer IT Solutions