June new employees


Brook-Lin Acker, Tiffany A. Batson, Trayvon C. Calhoun, Annice R. Carter, Jeffrey D. Elowsky, Sara L. Ernsperger, Skylar A. Gunn, Porscha T. Hill, Ryan A. Konrath, Nathan A. Pharris, Tyler D. Rouse, Iredell Sanders, Rosemary Stuckey, Anthony B. Weston and Alexis I. Williams, Custodial Services

Sara N. Agostinelli, Gender Relations Center

Ryan L. Angel, Office of Research

Stephen C. Barany, Institute for Church Life

Adam M. Callender, Joyce Center Technical Services

Andrew J. Chilafoe and Rebecca L. Ryan, Naval Science

Corey D. Cole, Fire Protection

Mariah L. Cressy, Emily M. Schmid and Sarah J. Yaklic, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

Juan S. Deleon, Joel M. Gibbs, David P. Godollei and Timothy O. Perkins, Maintenance

Cody A. Denman, Elysia M. Jimenez, Joseph H. Littell, Deborah S. Lyon, Tyler R. Newsome and Kelsey E. Rankel, Morris Inn

Todd D. Dion, Recreational Sports

Walker C. Embrey, Naval Science

Kevin P. Fitzsimmons, Bridgette M. McDermott, Kathryn E. Moran, Maria C. Murphy, Nicole A. Raftery, Carmen C. Rivera, and Michael R. Zelenka, Alliance for Catholic Education

Tracy L. Fronk, Customer IT Solutions

Karyn J. Galloway, Athletics Digital Media

Melissa R. Jackson, Marketing Communications

Rchard G. Jones, American Studies

Kyle A. Kelly and Michael B. Szemborski, Varsity Strength and Conditioning

Nam Yoon Kim, Psychology

Sarah Kroeger, Department of Economics

Erin S. Lavin, Institute for Educational Initiatives

Constanza A. Lengerich Ulloa, VP and Associate Provost for Innovation

Agnieszka Marczak Czajka, Center for Research Computing

Stephen Q. Nekic, Patricia A. Kokesh and Lavarr D. Barnett, Development

Alice A. Obermiller, GBP Student Services

Taylor L. Poulin, Snite Museum

Andrea M. Ringer, Lab for Economic Opportunities

Guieswende H. Rouamba, Center for the Study of Language and Culture

Elizabeth E. Rudt, Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement

Rebecca Ruvalcaba, Campus Ministry

Mark C. Schult, User Services

Terrence M. Shaw, Office of Community Standards

Ryan T. Spurr, Office of Campus Safety

David J. Stabrawa, Fencing

Katherine E. Warner, Center for Social Concerns

Rebecca A. Williams, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace

Katherine A. Wynne, Office of Associate VP-Student Services