June 2019 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in June:


Jordan R. Andrews, Women’s Soccer

Kenna M. Arana, Kourtney A. Bradshaw, Anna M. Busse, Itzxul A. Moreno and Catherine A. Wagner, Alliance for Catholic Education

Gennaro P. Barca, Casey N. Gelchion, Tashana L. Kenny, Melissa Guadalupe Cabello Medina and Landon A. Weldy, Development

Monica S. Borsodi, School of Architecture

Raymond D. Buckingham, Connie M. Dubie and Josette A. Sanderson, Custodial Services

Kathryn M. Budzinski, Auxiliary Operations

Stanley J. Cheng, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Jenna E. Coalson, MS in Global Health

Jamine L. Coley, Office of Community Standards

John S. Connors, Athletics Compliance and Legal

Tristan L. Curren, Navy ROTC

William H. Gettinger and Bailey M. Kohr, Mendoza College of Business

Daniel J. Henreckson, Psychology

Courtney A. Horvath, St. Michael’s Laundry

Damon R. Irk, Bryan Johnson and Samuel D. Witt, Utilities—Operations

Brittany S. Keil, Varsity Strength and Conditioning

Tara J. Kelly, Rebecca L. Oppman and Erin J. Williams, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

Eric M. Kersey, Biological Sciences

Sarah M. Kloss, Police

Mitchell J. Kokko, IDEA Center

Tadeusz M. Kolodka and Kaitlyn A. Thrasher, Notre Dame Research

Megan E. Kurey, Women’s Tennis

Matthew T. Lavery, Maggie A. Marino and Benjamin C. Monroe, Athletics Marketing

Scott J. Martin, Men’s Basketball

Tyron L. McGhee, Office of Director, Maintenance

Nathan D. Miller, Athletics Ticketing

Edward D. Nolan, Morris Inn

Erin N. Oliver, Human Resources

Matthew R. Rier, Accounts Payable

Christopher A. Rolfe, Men’s Soccer

Jacob N. Smith, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Katherine R. Smith, AGSM-Alumni Engagement

Brittani M. Stutsman, Training and Development

Emily Turner, Inspired Leadership Initiative