June 2018 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees, who began work in June:


Maria Alexandrova and Katharyn M. Lee, Biological Sciences

Gregory S. Andrews, Men’s Tennis

Joanna C. Azar and Dominique Saviano, Psychology

Colleen A. Bailey, Robert J. Morton, Sara M. Munoz and Salonee Seecharan, Development

Scott J. Barrett, Center for Culinary Excellence

Alicia N. Bates, Student Activities

Hanna M. Bertoldi and Abigail Shelton, Snite Museum

Atul Bhardwaj, Anissa Cervantes, Jatinder Kaur and Evgueni Kovriguine, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Armon T. Binns and Jenna L. Pisnoy, Football

Timothy J. Blewett, Hesburgh Libraries

Aespyne A. Brooks, Food Services, Holy Cross House

Rebecca J. Brough and Dennis J. DiDonna, Lab for Economic Opportunities

Daniel B. Brubaker Horst, Campus Technology Services

Evelyn M. Bryant and Travis W. White, St. Michael’s Laundry

Megan M. Burmeister, Ray Garcia Ill, Francisco J. Gonzalez and Renae L. Troxel, Custodial Services

Isabel J. Cabezas and Maggie Shum, Keough School of Global Affairs

Rose K. Cheney and Mary L. Greenwood, Security

John C. Cheng, Mark Price and Jameisha N. Spann, Morris Inn

Jamal-Rashad M. Cooper, Athletics Compliance and Legal

Patrick J. Couch and Taylor S. Kelly, Alliance for Catholic Education

Casey L. Dankert, Mail Distribution

Mitchell J. Dansky, Women’s Swimming and Diving

Nathaniel S. Evans, General Services

Maria B. Fahs and Emily R. LaPlaca, Admissions

Theresa M. Foley, ESTEEM Graduate Program

Josephine Jackson, Athletic Events

Kael Kanczuzewski, IT Service Delivery

Alison P. Lodermeier, Initiative for Global Development

John J. McDermott, Notre Dame Studios

Kathy A. Mcmorris, North Dining Hall

Coty A. Miller, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

Delaney Mountford, Event Management

Katherine Neeser, Theology

Caitlin I. Olivier, Special Events and Stewardship

Zara L. Osterman, Mendoza College of Business

Anne M. Peck, Payroll Services

Analee Reyes, Colleen M. Rose and Barbara J. Sullivan, Athletics Marketing

Dan L. Riemersma, Office of Community Standards

Charity Roberts, Procurement Services

James R. Spinelli, Women’s Basketball

Kunigunda Szentes, IDEA Center

Kathryn R. Vidrine, Graduate School

Louis P. Visser, Customer Enterprise Solutions

Morgan L. Wilson, School of Architecture