July service anniversaries


The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in July:

35 Years

Michael P. Olmstead, Utilities—Operations

30 Years

Leonard W. Garvin, Utilities—Operations
Paul Helquist, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Francis J. McCann, Physical Education
Perry R. Mutchler, EIS—Communication Services
Mary M. Neenan-Michel, Mendoza College of Business
Elizabeth M. Rosencrantz, Registrar
George A. Schramm, General Services
Frances M. Schrump, Custodial Services
Judy L. Stewart, Psychology

25 Years

Timothy M. Collins, Football
Phillip Dixon, Custodial Services
Deborah A. Huyvaert, Hesburgh Libraries
Jay A. Louderback, Women’s Tennis
R. Douglass Miller, Office of Director, Maintenance
Melissa S. Rauch, Morris Inn
Margaret A. Weber, Off-Campus Programs
Tracy E. Wickham, Sociology

20 Years

Shawn K. Annis, Utilities—Operations
Michael S. Driscoll, Theology
Carolyn S. James, IT Administrative Services
Lori A. Maurer, Office of Human Resources
David Studer, Catering By Design
Tracy A. Westlake, Center for Ethics and Culture
Robert D. Wright, General Services
Debra R. Zache, Shared Services

15 Years

Timothy J. Bays, Philosophy
Dianna R. Beirne, Registrar
Allert R. Brown-Gort, Gilberto Cardenas and Maribel C. Rodriguez, Institute for Latino Studies
Jerome V. Caponigro, State and Local Public Affairs
Douglas J. Kroll, Office of Chief Information Officer
Michael R. Legus, Custodial Services
Jane E. Lewinski, Landscape Services
Louis M. Nanni, Office of VP–University Relations
Rudolph M. Navari, Chemistry and Biochemistry
John P. O’Brien, EIS—Application Services
Cyril J. O’Regan, Theology
Stephen J. Poland, Joyce Center Housekeeping
Sandra J. Sarber, Hesburgh Libraries
Sharon K. Schierling, Kellogg Institute
Elizabeth M. Schleiffarth, Developent–Stewardship
Henry J. Scroope, Development—Inst. and Individual Giving
James O. Smith, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Lee J. Svete, Office of VP–Student Affairs
Judy A. Weiser, Huddle
Shanda L. Wirt, Office of Research

10 Years

John A. Biggs, Utilities—Operations
Debby K. Blum, Food Services Administration
Katherine A. Brading, Philosophy
Sarah E. Chapman, ND Integrated Imaging Facility
Alice K. Cyusa, College of Engineering
Andre L. Gray, Custodial Services
Joseph Holt, Management
Nuth Kith, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Lilia C. Leyva, Building Managers
Gail A. Mayotte and Jacqueline P. Valadez, Alliance for Catholic Education
Karmin Meade, Cedar Grove Cemetery
Colleen H. Moore, Institute for Church Life
April J. Murphy, Custodial Services
Brian Ó Conchubhair, Irish Language and Literature
Pamela S. O’Rouke, Provost Office
Tamera L. Schelle, Security
Jacqueline P. Valadez, Alliance for Catholic Education