July 2022 Service Anniversaries

The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in July:

35 Years
Daniel E. Kavanaugh, Police
Eileen A. Miller, Procurement Services
Milind Saraph, University Enabling Technology Services

30 Years
Gina Costa, Snite Museum of Art
Andrew S. Durrenberger, Office of Director, Maintenance
Chao-Shin Liu and H. Fred Mittelstaedt, Accountancy
Rhonda S. Singleton, Psychology
Johanes Suhardjo, Engineering and Science Computing

25 Years
Judith L. Fox, Clinical Law Center
Don A. Howard, Philosophy
John T. McGreevy, History
Denise M. Murphy, Human Resources

20 Years
Edward J. Caron, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Kelly L. Culver, Satellite Theological Education Program
Vanessa A. Easterday, South Dining Hall
Thomas J. Guinan, Investment Office
Shari K. Hill Sweet, Graduate School
Beth C. Padgett, Enterprise Application Services
Ann P. Strasser, Research and Sponsored Programs
Gayle M. Washburn, Theology

15 Years
Cheryl A. Bauer, Campus Dining
Vanmom Chiv, Saint Mary’s Dining
Ann-Marie Conrado, Art, Art History and Design
Nicole R. MacLaughlin, University Writing Program
Karen K. Manier, Career Center
Amanda J. Mast, Notre Dame Studios
Eric S. McCartney, Law School
Alexander S. Mukasyan and Satyajyoti Senapati, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Alex J. Nash, Huddle
Darin J. Ottaviani, Athletics
Erik Runyon, Marketing Communications
Paula P. Worhatch, Notre Dame International

10 Years
Alejandra J. Botello, Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society
Walter L. Clements, Finance
Barry Cushman and Veronica R. Martinez, Law School
Angela M. Dennig, Regional Admin

Kelly A. Donndelinger, Graduate School
Mary Froning, Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Taylor P. Johnson, Strategic Communications

Kimberly A. Kennedy, Office of General Counsel
Matthew J. Kloser, Alliance for Catholic Education
Jacqueline A. Lopez, Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility
Adam Martin, Physics and Astronomy

Marsha L. Matthews, Finance and Administration
Monica H. Newland, Admissions
David M. Rimes, Office of Academic Mission Support

Gabriela Rodriguez, Building Services
Roxana Smarandache, Mathematics
Nichole K. Stewart, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Alexis C. Torrance, Theology
Kaitlin D. Wowak, IT, Analytics and Operations