July 2022 New Employees

The University welcomes the following faculty members who began work in July:

Trenton C. Agrelius and Diane A. Lane, Biological Sciences

Colin C. Barr and Emily A. Grubert, Keough School of Global Affairs

Natasha Dobrinen and Neil Nicholson, Mathematics

Kristin M. Haas, Theology

Horane A. Holgate, Kaneb Center

Mitchell D. Kajzer, Center for Research Computing

Stephen M. Koeth, Cushwa Center

Shawn M. Miller, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Taylor R. Nicoletti, Psychology

Jaron A. Porciello, Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society

Michael K. Reger and Elizabeth A. Wood, Eck Institute

Jonathan K. Tebes, Economics

Yang Yang, IT, Analytics and Operations

The University welcomes the following staff who began work in July:

Timothy W. Adams, Office of VP—Institutional Transformation

Charel R. Allen, Women’s Basketball

Sevda Arslan, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts

Marlyn J. Batista, Anne M. Boyle, Angela De Ciantis-Whitley, Karla V. Diaz, Daniel W. Driscoll, Sara E. Ghyselinck, James B. King, Orlando A. Leon, Megan C. Moore, Katherine M. Palko and Michael Semanek, Residence Halls Staff

Mary K. Broadbent and Diana Salgado Huicochea, Campus Ministry

Brendan A. Chappell Cromartie, Carolina Ortiz, Edward E. Urbanski and Nichole E. Zelko, Custodial Services

Michael O. Cobb, Rita J. Gutierrez De Gutierrez, Reinaldo J. Gutierrez Grimaldos, Spenser D. Hawkins and Kenneth D. McCormick, Morris Inn

Leo L. Coley, Campus Dining

Jasmine K. Collard, Psychology

Lemar A. Darby and Leeann J. Francisco, Admissions

Bret J. Darrell, Police

Grace C. Deitsch, Zachary R. Howman and John F. Lyons, Career Center

Carlos M. Dos Santos Resende and Angelina N. Marchi, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Amanda J. Eberhart, Softball

Sarah E. Eiler, Registrar

Caroline P. Ellis, Women’s Golf

Kaisha R. Excell, Athletics

Matthew P. Faga, Stephanie M. Helm and Erick J. Smith, Enterprise Application Services

Audrey S. Fair, Shane M. Gibson, Annamarie I. Kovalenko and Amanda M. Morris, Huddle

Rachel T. Geiogamah, Snite Museum of Art

Isabell R. Gilfoil, Alliance for Catholic Education

Brandon L. Glover, North Dining Hall

Ryan A. Greer, Men’s Basketball

Allison M. Griffith and Eleanor C. Hanson, Alumni Association

Maria T. Guillen Garcia, Dessert Shop

Antwann E. Harper and Shelby A. Robbins, Student Activities

Benjamin D. Holmes, Compton Family Ice Arena

Andrew B. Hooper, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Scott C. Howland, College of Arts and Letters

Jessica Kendall, Food Services—Holy Cross House

Davida Kozlowski, Jennifer A. Milliron and Alyssa K. Strbjak, Development

Mia E. Lecinski, Lab for Economic Opportunities

Jenna M. Liberto, Internal Communications

Ashly L. Lundgren, Student Accounts

Adrian D. Mainer and Chokri Souayah, St. Michael’s Laundry

Jessica M. McCartney, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

Marisela Morales Cendejas, South Dining Hall

Christopher M. Neal, Track and Cross Country

Kelly A. Nessi Medina, The Gilded Bean

Kimberly S. Perry, Research and Sponsored Programs

Stephen P. Pozywio, McDonald Center for Student Well-Being

Elijah D. Ragland, Center for Creative Computing

Greg Schuman, Human Resources

Adam J. Sear, Women’s Lacrosse

Travis Shank, Notre Dame International

Laura E. Sniadecki, Clinical Law Center

Shawn M. Stiffler, Baseball

Aidan L. Strite, Notre Dame Studios

Anna K. Valbuena Villasmil, Modern Market

John A. Waller, Notre Dame Research

Amber D. Walter, IT Strategy, Planning and Architecture