August 2021 Service Anniversaries

The University congratulates those employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in August:

50 Years
Beverly J. Bradford, Police

40 Years
Jeffrey C. Kantor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

35 Years
Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, Finance
Ann M. Firth, Office of the President
Nancy S. Kambol, Hesburgh Libraries
Wilson D. Miscamble, History
Joseph E. Negri, Office of Director, Maintenance

30 Years
Nahid Erfan Alexandrou, Center for University Advising
David J. Bierwagen, Office of Director, Maintenance
Jay W. Brandenberger, Center for Social Concerns
James H. Davis, Management and Organization
Richard E. Donnelly, Film, Television, and Theatre
Barbara J. Green and Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier, English
David J. Klawiter, Center for Creative Computing
Michael S. Kmitta, South Dining Hall
Michael N. Lykoudis and Samir Younes, School of Architecture
William Sill, Hesburgh Libraries
Peter H. Smith, Music
D. Katherine Spiess, Finance
Lynette P. Spillman, Sociology
Mitchell R. Wayne, Physics

25 Years
Carolina Arroyo, Political Science
Seth N. Brown and Marya Lieberman, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael A. Cook, Investment Office
Edward M. Cummings, Kathleen M. Eberhard and Anre Venter, Psychology
Alan R. DeFrees, School of Architecture
Sarvanan Devaraj, IT, Analytics and Operations
Michael P. Evans, Food Services, Moreau Seminary
Sarah A. Gotsch, Office of the President
Xiaobo Hu, Computer Science and Engineering
Byung-Joo Lee, Economics
Diane D. Lovin, Biological Sciences
Richard B. Pierce, History
Chantal S. Porter, Sports Medicine
Robin F. Rhodes, Art, Art History and Design
Mark W. Roche, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Catherine M. Schlegel, Classics
John J. Staud, Alliance for Catholic Education
Steve A. Tomasula, English

20 Years
Brian M. Baker, Patricia L. Clark and S. Alex Kandel, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dinshaw S. Balsara, Physics
Katrina D. Barron and Claudia Polini, Mathematics
Eileen H. Botting, Political Science
Kevin W. Bowyer and Virginia E. Watterson, Computer Science and Engineering
Greg A. Brownell and Ryan K. Roeder, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Tina M. Clark, Faculty Services
Kathleen S. Cummings, American Studies
Mark Dehmlow, Hesburgh Libraries
Lawrence H. Dwyer and Emily M. Matz, Music
Dzenita Ejup, Custodial Services
Michael T. Ferdig and Mary A. McDowell, Biological Sciences
Helen M. High, Mendoza Graduate Programs
Michael S. Kirsch and Julian Velasco, Law School
Paul V. Kollman, Theology
Maureen A. Lafferty and Valerie Staples, University Counseling Center
Lan V. Le, South Dining Hall
Semion Lyandres, History
Fred L. Rush, Philosophy
James A. Seida, Accountancy
Joseph B. Stanfiel, College of Arts and Letters
Ke-Hai Yuan, Psychology

15 Years
Michael A. Anderson and John Grover, University Enabling Technology Services
Christopher A. Baron, Classics
Laura M. Blume Doverspike, Electrical Engineering
Paul W. Bohn, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jenny R. Borg, Athletics Administration
Kathryn Cox Cohoon, University Health Services
Anthony J. D’agostino, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Zhi Da, Finance
Christopher J. De Trempe, Development
Terri L. Douglas, Performing Arts Administration
Carol L. Elliott, Mendoza College of Business
LaTonia Ferguson and Susan A. Hlade, Human Resources
Curtis D. Franks, Samuel Newlands and Jeffrey J. Speaks, Philosophy
Kristen L. Garvin-Podell, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts
Ralph L. Haag, Residence Halls Staff
Gerald Haeffel, Nicole M. McNeil, Michael A. Villano and Guangjian Zhang, Psychology
David D. Kush and Alberto Magana, Custodial Services
Guiorgie Kavaratskhelia, Fencing
Jeffrey J. Marler, Innovation Park
Andrew T. Mason, Campaign for ND
Jason S. McLachlan, Biological Sciences
Joyelle McSweeney, English
John G. Michel, Management and Organization
Christopher S. O’Byrne, Law Library
Lynn L. Pershing, Financial Aid
Dianne M. Pinderhughes, African and African American Studies
Cynthia M. Proffitt, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs
Sebastian Rosato and Dana R. Villa, Political Science
Michael J. Ryan and Philip Schirripa, Police
Ryan R. Sachire, Men’s Tennis
Delia Serrano, North Dining Hall
Vania Smith Allen, Anthropology
Christian Smith, Sociology
Breyan M. Tornifolio, Residential Life
Zoltan Toroczkai, Physics
Diane E. Westerink, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Andrew M. Williamson, Saint Mary’s Dining Hall
Zhiliang Xu, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics

10 Years
Barbara A. Bartkowiak, Enterprise Application Services
Kevin Birch, Human Resources
Jaimie Bleck and Emilia Justyna Powell, Political Science
Francesca M. Bordogna, Denis J. Robichaud and Joseph Rosenberg, Program of Liberal Studies
Tatiana Botero and Carlos A. Jauregui, Romance Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth G. Capdevielle, University Writing Program
James P. Creech, First Year of Studies
Heather L. Denton, Mendoza College of Business
Julie A. Deschaine, Athletics Business Office
Sheila R. Fell, DCL Services
Joshua E. Flynt, Alumni Association
Haifeng Gao and Vlad M. Iluc, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Victoria E. Goodrich and William A. Phillip, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Amanda J. Hammond, AnBryce Scholars Program
Jeffrey D. Holdeman and Rebecca Surman, Physics
Scott S. Howard, Electrical Engineering
Bruce R. Huber and Randy J. Kozel, Law School
Chris A. Jones, Collaborative IT Services
Rochelle S. Jones, Registrar
Darla Karafa, College of Arts and Letters
Emmanuel Katongole, Keough School of Global Affairs
Amy G. Langenkamp, Elizabeth A. McClintock, Erin McDonnell and Terence McDonnell, Sociology
Jeffery H. Lear and Celia Manriquez, Custodial Services
Cheryl Lee, Psychology
Fang Liu, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Lori L. Loftis, Notre Dame Research
John R. Lubker, Graduate School
James M. Lundberg and Rebecca T. McKenna, History
Michael F. McNeill, Compton Family Ice Arena
Dolores A. Michael, South Dining Hall
Barbara E. Negri, North Dining Hall
Kara L. Primmer, ND Environmental Change Initiative
Matthew J. Ravosa, Biological Sciences
Kameron M. Riddle, Landscape Services
Tara M. Robinson, Academic Services for Student-Athletes
James P. Smith, Joyce Center Crowd Control
Joseph R. Smith, Hesburgh Libraries
Steven R. Sollmann, Noell Stohler and William P. White, Development
Meghan E. Sullivan, Philosophy
Gabor Szekelyhidi, Mathematics
Ashley P. Thrall, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Cynthia S. Troyer, Center for Student Support and Care
Laura D. Walls, English
Robert E. Walls, American Studies
Jennifer Watchorn, Athletics Business Office