July 2021 New Employees

The University welcomes the following faculty members who began work in July:


Steven E. Alvarado, Anna R. Haskins and Simone X. Zhang, Sociology

Theodore P. Beauchaine and Jenny Padilla, Psychology

Christopher J. Bechler, John P. Costello and Joonhyuk Yang, Marketing

Olivier Dorian Boncoeur and Timothy G. Kundro, Management and Organization

Dionne I. Bremyer, Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, Matthew M. Kilbane and Xavier U. Navarro Aquino, English

Patrick T. Brewick and Luis B. Fargier Gabaldon, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Ningyuan Cao and Yasemin Ozkan Aydin, Electrical Engineering

Joanna Cecilia da Silva Santos, Jiajun Li and Xiangliang Zhang, Computer Science and Engineering

Ellen R. Dutton and Neil Kane, ESTEEM

Laszlo Forro and Lauren M. Weiss, Physics

Sherif Girgis and Sean B. Seymore, Law School

Nooshin Hakim Javadi, Art, Art History and Design

Maira Hayat and Yongsuk Lee, Keough School of Global Affairs

Berthold Hoeckner, Music

Eva M. Hoeckner, Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures

Adam Jaffe and Julie A. Kessler, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Whitney L. James, University Writing Program

Jung Hee Lee and Margaret L. Traeger, IT, Analytics and Operations

John B. Lott, Classics

Evan E. Mast and Adrienne Sabety, Economics

Timothy W. Morrison, Accountancy

Stephen R. Ogden, Philosophy

Erin Rossiter, Political Science

Patricia J. Salerno, Institute for Educational Initiatives

Anne Schaefer, Romance Languages and Literatures

Aidan Seale-Feldman, Anthropology

Douglas P. Wayman, Hesburgh Libraries

Jeffrey T. Wickes, Theology

Xiufan Yu, Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics

The University welcomes the following staff who began work in July:

Hayden A. Bean, Huddle

Alandre M. Brown and Todd M. Leitschuh, Football

Matthew F. Cannizzo, Michelle L. Jones, Kathleen P. O’Friel, Steve P. Orsini, Dimitri T. Robinson and Amelia M. Thompson, Development

Alexander G. Carr, Volleyball

Christina Clark, Notre Dame Research

Elizabeth S. Clarke, Gabriel J. Griggs, Allison C. Liedtke, Patricia K. McCarthy, Robert E. Nichols and Joseph A. Quinones, Residence Halls Staff

Caitlyn R. Clinton, Annual Giving Programs

Mary C. Coghlin and Nicole G. Velasquez, Mendoza Graduate Business Programs

Andres C. Contreras, Joel R. Malcom, Terrika L. Miller, Aaron S. Nier, Adam L. Pickens and Marline L. Richardson, Morris Inn

Sharneekquia K. Corhn, Dessert Shop

Elizabeth L. Dolan and Augustus Emenogu, Pulte Institute for Global Development

Kethry J. Dolby, South Dining Hall

Kristina S. Flathers and Megan A. Whelan, Investment Office

Shawn M. Freehling and Kate E. Moody, Career Center

Francesca M. Genova and John A. Meiser, Clinical Law Center

Anthony J. Harty, Freimann Animal Care Facility

Amber L. Herkey, Center for Social Concerns

Kristin C. Holt, Event Management

Rosa T. Imul and Brandon L. Jones, North Dining Hall

Michael J. Jensen, Jacqueline H. Kelley-Cogdell and Eileen M. Mostyn, Lab for Economic Opportunities

Shelley J. Johnson, Holy Cross College Siegfried Dining Hall

Edward P. Junkins, University Health Services

Jeongmin Lee, Institute for Educational Initiatives

Emily J. Livingston, Office of the Executive Vice President

Camille R. Martinez and Jason K. Worley, Student Activities

Benjamin A. Mecyssine, Fire Protection

Dale L. Miller, Meliza F. Tello, Yulieth A. Tello and Griselda Villalobos Carpio, Custodial Services

Tracey H. Mulherin, VP and Associate Provost for Innovation

David Murphy, Institute for Real Estate

Bianca N. Paulus, Athlete Nutrition

Anne M. Peterson, Law School

Xiaoyu Qi, Office of Budget and Planning

Tayde Ana S. Revilak Fonseca, Kroc Institute

Michelle L. Rivera, Hesburgh Libraries

Jeffrey Rowland, Men’s Soccer

Tiffany M. Russell, University Counseling Center

Chad A. Sallaberry, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jenna C. Slowey, Women’s Lacrosse

Valerie V. Vargas, Biological Sciences

Savon Q. Williams, Recreational Sports

Ross A. Wilson, Men’s Tennis

Antoni T. Wyche, Men’s Basketball

Zachary C. Zedrick, Men’s Golf