July 2018 new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in July:


Sehouedo R. Alavo, Mendoza College of Business

Maria Alexandrova, Biological Sciences

Angela R. Bachteal and Steven T. Smith, Utilities—Operations

Christopher Baglow, McGrath Institute for Church Life

Michael D. Baney, Customer IT Solutions

James Biddick, Career Center

Jason R. Borchin, Volleyball

Anna C. Bradley and Lauren A. Brown, Annual Giving Programs

Thomas C. Buckley, IDEA Center

Jonathan R. Carr, Investment Office

Joanna A. Cecilio, Angela M. Hollar, Emily Orsini, Elizabeth D. Palmer and Brogan C. Ryan, Residence Halls Staff

James M. Chrisovergis, Center for Culinary Excellence

Derek L. Coleman, Athletics Digital Media

Robert J. Coloney, Office of Associate VP for Career/Professional Development

Tabbitha M. Coughlin, Charles N. Easton, Jamere R. Forrest, Jamonte R. Forrest, Mikal S. Henderson, Esther M. Holmes, Frederick A. Kien, Jeffrey R. Name, Antoine D. Sloan and Soloman S. Wright, Custodial Services

Sharon B. Dennis, Freimann Animal Care Facility

Shawn D. Deweerd, Notre Dame Studios

Katherine B. Engel, Development

Fredrick L. Fuller, Turbomachinery Facility

Dominique M. Gauthier, St. Michael’s Laundry

John L. Gohsman, Office of the Executive Vice President

Stephen A. Hall and Marisa Ruvalcaba-Hernandez, North Dining Hall

Josie B. Hanes and Ronald G. Hill, Athletics Ticketing

Caitlin R. Hodges, Office of Sustainability

Geni J. Holmes and Jordan N. Wahlstrom, Special Events and Stewardship

Justin N. Howell, Service Center

Emily L. Johnson, Jacob K. Krekelas, Celina Ochoa, Yvonne M. Parker and Kevin M. Schellinger, Morris Inn

David R. Juarez, University Press

Jeffrey M. Kohl, Athletics Marketing

Aliaksandra Lisouskaya, Radiation Laboratory

David G. Lummus, Romance Languages and Literatures

Luisa E. Mader and Victoria N. Shaffer, Psychology

Roberta J. Melander, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alexis A. Miller, History

Amy C. Moberg, Customer Enterprise Solutions

Jessica M. Morales and Mikala Narlock, Hesburgh Libraries

Molly F. Mueller and Robert Russell, Academic Services for Student-Athletes

Geoffrey M. Paydon, Campus Technology Services

Luis E. Perez, Electrical Engineering

Donna L. Porter, Executive Education

Karen A. Reed, South Dining Hall

Maria E. Rivero, ND Initiative for Global Development

Colleen Sharkey, Media Relations

Alison J. Silverio, Women’s Tennis

Kerry L. Stoothoff, Women’s Lacrosse

Michelle M. Truncali, Varsity Strength and Conditioning

Patrick Turner, Economics

Francesca C. Varga, Alliance for Catholic Education

Katherine E. Wood, McDonald Center for Well-Being