Join the 2019 Game Day 10K Steps Challenge


10k Challenge Winners WebBuilding Services was the winning department in the 2018 Game Day 10K Steps Challenge with an average of 141,888 steps for the season per worker. Pictured are the department’s individual winners: Patrick Chatman, Jeff Elowsky, Stephanie McIntire, Anthony Mendenhall, William Harvey and Chris Hatfield. The six of them were treated to a celebratory lunch at Legends of Notre Dame. (Photo provided.)

Join in the excitement of Game Day at Notre Dame by taking part in a new tradition. Employees who work home game Saturdays are encouraged to take part in the second annual Game Day 10K Steps Challenge. The project challenges participants to reach 10,000 steps (five miles) while working, which is the recommended daily step target for healthy adults to achieve health benefits. The challenge is also a way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the many campus groups that make Game Days go so smoothly at Notre Dame. 

By the numbers...

Here are the 2018 Game Day 10K Steps Challenge stats:

  • 209 individuals participated 

  • 70 departments represented

  • 12,332 steps (six miles) was the individual average per game

  • 135 individuals met/exceeded 10,000 steps each game

  • Participants totaled 15,464,115 steps or 7,732 miles for the season*

*That’s equal to walking to Dublin, Ireland, and back! 

For more information and a list of prizes, and to sign up (part-time and full-time staff), visit