January service anniversaries


The University congratulates these employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in January:

35 Years
Rosalyn E. Palus,
Custodial Services

30 Years
Jacek K. Furdyna,
Dwight B. King, Law Library
David T. Leighton, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

25 Years
Kong O. Mallette,
Food Services, South Dining Hall
David A. Mannen, Custodial Services
R. Michael Schafer and Michael D. Thomas, Electrical Engineering
Valerie A. Schroeder, Freimann Animal Care Facility
Carol L. Taylor, Student Activities

20 Years
Richard M. Economakis,
School of Architecture
Sarah J. Misener, Office of Executive Vice President
Deborah K. Murray, Maintenance
Terri A. O’Bryan, University Writing Program
Nerminka Prnjavorac, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Joseph T. Ross, Hesburgh Libraries
Mark A. Stadtherr, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Melissa M. Ware, Bookstore

15 Years
Marian L. Appleton,
Alumni Association
Jolene R. Bilinski, College of Arts and Letters
Michael A. Brueseke and Dominic T. Chaloner, Biological Sciences
Robert B. Clark, Men’s Soccer
Alan R. Cramer, Infrastructure Services
Robert A. Dowd, Political Science
Beth V. Gaffigan, Mathematics
Daniel A. Graff and Thomas F. Noble, History
Martin Haenggi, Electrical Engineering
Shobha P. Kamat, Customer IT Solutions
Diana L. Kennedy, Procurement Services
Denise McEwen and Jasmina Penic, Custodial Services
Laurie K. McGowan and Tracey Morton, Hesburgh Libraries
Robert L. Mincey, Huddle
James S. Panagiotis, Maintenance
Warren L. Williams, Office of Budget and Financial Planning

10 Years
Virginia A. Anderson,
Biological Sciences
Mandy E. Crowley and Barbara Dugan, Human Resources
David J. Dits, Food Services Administration
Diana Garrastegui and Scott M. Monroe, Psychology
Don J. Hill and Tri L. Nguyen, Food Services, South Dining Hall
Geraldine Meehan, London Undergraduate Program
Kristen N. Morin, Customer IT Solutions
Connie Pearson, Army ROTC
Ewa T. Pietrzak, Rolfs Sports and Rec Center
Timothy J. Reiter, Security
Deborah L. Rotman, Anthropology
Meng Wang, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Gayle S. Wilson, African and African American Studies