January service anniversaries


The University congratulates those celebrating significant service anniversaries in January:

40 years
Victor J. DeCola, Accounting Operations

35 years
Terrence W. Rettig, Physics
Gerald L. Zerkle, Utilities, Operations

30 years
Mary R. Erickson, Morris Inn
Joan J. Golubski, Army Science
Loretta J. Logan, Custodial Services

25 years
Richard S. Bullene, School of Architecture
Julia B. Ettl, Notre Dame Magazine
Jeffrey L. Feder, Biological Sciences
Bozena E. Karol, Hesburgh Libraries
Richard A. Lipinski, Security
Mark M. Richmond, Micro Electronic Laboratory

20 years
Brent A. Bach and Yahya C. Kurama, Civil and Environmental
Engineering and Earth Sciences
George E. Bailey, Morris Inn
Steven J. Brady, First Year of Studies
Daniel R. Brewer, Procurement Services
John W. Goodwine, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Carrie F. McCann, IT Administrative Services
Stephen Sporinsky, Customer IT Solutions
Kevin J. Wangler, Music

15 years
Theresa Bollinger, Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility
Nancy Chapleau, Notre Dame Research
Lori Dutka, Library Law
Bridget Filipski, Custodial Services
Leigh A. Hayden, Performing Arts Administrative
Pamela Piechocki, Residence Halls Staff
Aaron Striegel, Computer Science and Engineering
Christopher S. Temple, Registrar
Edward L. Verhamme, Accounts Payable
Francisco C. Weffort, Kellogg Institute for International Studies

10 years
Charles E. Bamford, Management and Organization
Carolyn M. Brooks, Custodial Services
Anthony G. Costantino, Performing Arts Administrative
Keith W. Davis, Science Computing
Vijay Gupta and Michael P. Young, Electrical Engineering
June T. Harr, University Counseling Center
Rae M. Hoffman, Center for the Study of Religion and Society
Essaka Joshua, College Seminar, Arts and Letters
Andrew B. Kennedy, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Peter K. Kilpatrick, College of Engineering
Bay Ly, South Dining Hall
Mathew A. Makielski, University Catering
Mandy L. Merritt, Sports Medicine
Evelyn F. Mitchell, Building Services
Karen M. Morris, Alliance for Catholic Education
Eric A. Nisly, Teaching and Learning Technologies
Mary C. Rattenbury, Snite Museum of Art
Daniel Semple, Legends Programming
Jan K. Solkey, Campus Dining Administration
Susan M. St. Ville, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies