January new employees


The University welcomes the following employees who began work in January:

Melissa Aguirre, Custodial Services
Nina N. Ansimova, St. Michael’s Laundry
Cynthia Beehler,Turbomachinery Facility
Ryan Blaske and Scott Tingwald, AgencyND
Gianluca Blois, Hirotaka Sakaue and Alberto Salvadori, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Christina Booth and Lori Doll, Office of Research
Daniel Burgun and Brian R. Nulle, Performing Arts Administrative
Christopher Chew, University Architect—Capital Projects
Jonathan D. Chisum, Electrical Engineering
Thomas F. Degnan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mark P. Dumich, Development
Johnathan Franklin, Student Development and Welfare
Ryan Grieshaber, Food Services, North Dining Hall
RoHiKa Hardas, Nicolette E. O’Bayley and Rowena Sindelar, Morris Inn
Tina Healey, Procurement Services
Samir Ibrahimov, Fencing
Mike Johnson and James F. McLaughlin, Volleyball
Matthew Knecht, Law School Information Technology
Mary K. LaViolette, Division of Student Affairs
Nicole Lodewyk, Financial Aid
Shalon Mcclatchey, Graduate School
Corey A. Measner, Varsity Strength and Conditioning
Vanessa Minahan, Alumni Association
Carol Saxton, Human Resources
Ling Sun, Organizational Effectiveness
Aaron Wellman, Football
Charles Williams, Center for Research Computing
Mary Beth Zachariades, School of Architecture