January 2020 service anniversaries


The University congratulates the following employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in January:


35 years

James M. Reed, Recycling


30 years

Sheila McMahon, Development

Maureen L. McNamara, Athletics Facilities and Sports Operations

Eugene M. Pilawski, Student Accounts

Marsha Stevenson, Hesburgh Libraries


25 years

Kathleen A. Cybulski, Biological Sciences

Michael J. Fitzpatrick, OIT

M. Catherine Hilkert, Theology

William R. Wolter, Freimann Animal Care Facility


20 years

Barbara Z. Brook and Kari A. Gallagher, Law School

Alexandra F. Corning, Psychology

Margaret A. Doody, English

Peter M. Garnavich and Michael D. Hildreth, Physics

Holly V. Goodson, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tamara Kronewitter, Planning, Design, and Construction

Roseanne R. McDowell, Stewardship and Donor Relations

Xim P. Pham, South Dining Hall


15 years

Jeffrey D. Fersch, Development

Margaret M. Forster, Finance

Erin E. Hafner, Risk Management and Safety

Wendy L. Harris, Building Services

Anthony Juan, Film, Television and Theatre

Daniel K. Lapsley, Psychology

Lorie Marsh, Mendoza College of Business

Philip J. Sakimoto, Center for University Advising

Gwen M. Stayback, Freimann Animal Care Facility


10 years

Selena K. Anders, School of Architecture

Yury P. Avvakumov and Margot Fassler, Theology

Sekiba Begic, Custodial Services

Alessia Blad, Romance Languages and Literatures

Stephen J. Bogol, Center for Research Computing

Damien P. Cruz, Fire Protection

Charles J. Dietz, Landscape Services

Joseph M. Elston, Jacob Flint and Beth A. Raitz Rex, Football

Harindra J. Fernando and Iossif Lozovatsky, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Susan K. Gursky, Preprofessional Studies

Adriaan H. Heering, Matthew M. Sanford and Wanpeng Tan, Physics

Madhav R. Joshi, Kroc Institute

Christa L. LeeVan and Mark A. Witucki, Alumni Association

Ursula H. Mahl, Biological Sciences

Gerard J. Pannekoek, Management and Organization

Amy L. Routson, Registrar

Tamara Stojanovic, Music

Stephanie M. Tatay-Myers, Marketing Communications

Gregory L. Timp, Electrical Engineering