January 2019 anniversaries


The University congratulates the following employees celebrating significant service anniversaries in January 2019:


40 years

Cheryl A. Reed, DCL Services


35 years

Charles R. Lamb, Athletics Digital Media


30 years

Michelle L. Kovacs, College of Engineering

Christeena L. Listenberger, Hesburgh Libraries

Patrick L. O’Hara, Mason Service Center—Warehouse

Mei X. Zhang, Custodial Services


25 years

R. Scott Appleby, Keough School of Global Affairs

Annette L. Beck, South Dining Hall

David A. Clairmont, Theology

Amanda Huerta, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mary M. Keys, Political Science

Diana L. Makielski and Susan K. Sheets, University Catering

Andrew J. McShane, Campus Ministry

Nita M. Minix, Center for Culinary Excellence


20 years

Carol L. Grontkowski, Accounting Operations

Sharon V. Hawkins, Human Resources

Mary M. Hendriksen, Keough Institute

Vittorio G. Hosle, German and Russian Languages and Literatures

Debra Inglefield, Music

Elizabeth Kresnak, Accounting and Financial Services

Wendy M. Noecker, Law School

Kathleen C. Opel, Notre Dame International

Victoria L. Reeder, Development


15 years

Philip H. Bess, School of Architecture

Elvo F. Bucci and Bruce A. Danielson, Development

Robert L. Essig, Marketing

Audrey Fletcher, Freimann Animal Care Facility

Colin P. Jessop, Physics

Kevin B. Jones, Office of Director, Maintenance

Gregory Larson, North Dining Hall

Robert Nerenberg, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Rosemary Salinas, Psychology

Janet L. Swain, Alliance for Catholic Education

Joseph B. Wheeler, LaFortune Student Center

Shauna L. Williams, Romance Languages and Literatures


10 years

Lacey N. Ahern, Eck Institute for Global Health

Robert L. Alworth, College of Engineering

Mark Berends, Sociology

Georg P. Berg, Physics

Amy M. Bladow, Marketing Communications

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, History

William G. Gamble and Joseph Herman, Utilities—Operations

Shebra S. Guidry, Custodial Services

Scott Hershberger, Human Resources

Daniel J. Hubert, Kaneb Center

Elizabeth A. Kerr, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Maria K. McKenna, Institute for Educational Initiatives

Barbara A. Pietraszewski, Hesburgh Libraries

Kathryn L. Seymour, Morris Inn

Carolyn L. Sherman, ND Institute for Advanced Study

David K. Tompkins, Alliance for Catholic Education