Human Resources offers new tools to speed up recruiting process

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As the labor market continues to heat up, hiring managers and committees on campus are seeking ways to become more efficient and effective in finding the right candidates for their open positions. The Office of Human Resources has two new tools to help people do just that with the help of their Talent Acquisition Consultants

SparkHire helps evaluate initial candidate pools in less time

SparkHire is a one-way video interview tool that allows candidates to self-record answers to interview questions, bringing their cover letters and resumes to life. This tool helps managers and hiring committees gain insights on candidates in a fraction of the time it would take to do phone interviews with all of them.

SparkHire also provides a consistent initial interview process, which promotes more inclusive hiring practices, supporting the University’s goals to increase diversity. 

SparkHire is a collaborative tool that can be used by an entire hiring committee. Each  committee member can view or listen to the candidate’s responses within the tool and quickly assess whether a candidate meets the needs of the role. 

SkillSurvey ensures your final candidates check out

As hiring managers know, calling references can be time consuming, involve multiple follow-ups and result in receiving incomplete or dishonest responses. SkillSurvey is an anonymous reference checking tool with an average turnaround time of two days. All reference responses are anonymous and aggregated, increasing the honesty and transparency of responses as well as the probability of finding the right candidate.

Candidates enter into SkillSurvey a minimum of five references, two of which need to be past or current managers. The references then complete 35 questions about the candidate, which are usually received in one to two business days. Once the references complete the surveys, hiring managers receive a user-friendly data report that gives them the candidate’s average score and rank against every other candidate who has used SkillSurvey for a reference.

Learn more about these tools.

Hiring managers interested in implementing a better, faster and more inclusive way to assess job candidates can ask their Talent Acquisition Consultant about how to access SparkHire and SkillSurvey.